Three Chennai Super Kings players in ESPNcricinfo’s Team of the IPL Tournament


When the IPL season ends, it is always time to go back to the previous 60 games to develop the tournament’s team. The ESPNscicinfo’s tournament team consists of seven bowling actions, a battling line-up, and great outstanding fielders. Staffers had to vote to come up with the final list. Only four positions were given to overseas players.

Avesh Khan – Wickets (24), Ave (18.75), and Best (3-13)

When it comes to wicket-takers tally, Avesh came second only to Harshal. Each time he came onto the bowl, it looked like he would grab a wicket. He has had a breakthrough season. Avesh must have been a favorite for many cricket betting fans. IPL fans can visit for the best IPL betting sites and tips.

In the last few years, he has improved a lot and is still at the international level. Having a speed of 140kph makes him a great player.

Varun Chakravarthy – Wickets (18), Ave (24.88), ER (6.58), and Best (3-13)

Varun is one player that cannot go unnoticed. In the middle overs, he, together with Narine, formed an incredible pair. He picked wickets regularly and achieved a lot in the economy department.

Harshal Patel – Wickets (32), Ave (14.34), ER (8.14), and Best (5-27)

During Harshal’s last tournament, he made Narine mishit one off a patented slower ball on leg stump. He could have ended up with 33 wickets for the season. However, it was his best season since he joined the IPL in 2012.

Sunil Narine – Runs (62), Ave (7.75), SR (131.91), Four fifties, Wickets (16), and ER (6.44)

Narine may not be the bowler he once was. Also, he is not the pinch-hitter at the top like how he used to be. Even though he hasn’t regained his position, he is still one of the best in the middle overs.

The good thing about him is that whenever he plays, he tries to put a memorable performance. A good example is when he played against the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the eliminator. He showed an excellent performance.

Ravindra Jadeja – Runs (227), Ave (75.66), SR (145.51), One fifty, Wickets (13), Ave (26.61), and ER (7.06)

Ravindra has been one of his team’s best bowlers. He has registered an average of 75.66 in battles and an economy rate of 7.06. In addition, he has contributed remarkably in the outfield, making him earn a spot in the XI.

Shimon Hetmyer – Runs (242), Ave (34.57), SR (168.05), and One fifty

Shimon Hetmyer did not render a good performance according to his ability. However, he showed that he is a great finisher and late-overs hitter.

As much as his innings are not remarkable, he pulled out the big hits.

Sanju Samson – Runs (484), Ave (40.33), SR (136.72), One hundred, and Two fifties

Samson was just about to have a season where he shows what he is got. However, he decided it wouldn’t be. He surprised many when he lost against Punjab Kings. After a series of losses, he picked up and ended the first leg with 42, 42, and 48.

In part II, Samson remained on course. This was the same when he strutted around for a 53-ball 70 against Delhi Capitals. Unfortunately, it ended in a loss. Another loss happened when he played against Sunrisers Hyderabad. Here, he managed 82 in 57 balls.

Glenn Maxwell – Runs (531), Ave (42.75), Six fifties, Three wickets, and ER (8.43)

The time for Glen Maxwell to shine was coming in the IPL. He has had quite several losses consequently over the years. The losses led to many doubts on whether he would ever pick up.

Luckily, during a match with Royal Challengers Bangalore, he beat him at position 4. It was the right call since numbers will never lie. He went on well in the first leg with a sequence of 56, 50, 57, 40, and 51 in the UAE. This raised his stocks a little bit higher.

Venkatesh Lyer – Runs (370), Ave (41.11), SR (128.47), Four fifties, Three wickets, and ER (8.11)

Many fans had not heard about Venkatesh Lyer by the time he opened the innings for Knight Riders after the restart. He became a famous figure after the role he played for Knight Rider’s season. Apart from his runs, he had a professional approach and an incomparable attitude. He is also great on the field and with the ball.

Faf du Plessis – Runs (633), Ave (45.21), SR (138.20), and Six fifties

The IPL teams are always satisfied with a high-performing opener that is reliable as well. However, Super Kings were fortunate to have two of such players. Plessis was two runs behind Gaikwad during the race for the Orange Cap. Whenever the team needed him, he always did his best.

In the finals, they dismissed him off the last ball of the innings and put his team beyond the reach of the Kolkotga Knights Rider.

Ruturaj Gaikwad – Runs (635), Ave (45.35), SR (136.26), One hundred, and Four fifties

Chennai Super Kings had losses in the past. But, they looked beyond that and trusted Ruturaj Gaikwad. Last year, he started with a sequence of 0, 5, and 0. This meant that no team would have put him at the top of the order.

Chennai Super King’s trust in Gaikwad was not in vain since he made them win the Orange Cap with 635 Runs. His performance made him get so many IPL fans and fans worldwide.


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