Tips for Keeping Connected With Family and Friends Back Home

Family & Friends

It can be tough being far away from home. There are family and friends that we miss. Places that bring back memories, and loved ones who continue to grow in our absence. This is true for all of us who move, whether from India or from another place.

It is important to stay connected with family and friends back home. Even if we were not born there, we might have family and cultural roots to which we wish to remain connected. Here are some tips for staying connected to what matters most to us!

Set up a Schedule

One of the simplest things to do, but with a huge impact is to set up a schedule to get connected on a regular basis. Doing this will show your friends that you have a clear intent to stay connected and grow your relationship even though you are far away. Having a set schedule is a surefire way to make sure these relationships do not slowly slip away without you even realizing it.

This may feel weird at first, or maybe even a bit forced. This is a human reaction to many new habits or activities. Once you get the ball rolling, you and the person you are connecting with will start to look forward to your regular meeting point.

An example of how to do this could be a video call every Sunday evening as you start the week. Or, you could always make it a bit more creative of an enterprise. Maybe you could collect photos throughout the week and agree to go through them together. This is a great way to keep each other up to date on the most important things in your life.

Start an Online Activity Together

Living in the same city or neighborhood gives us plenty of opportunities to live our lives together. We can go to the bakery, or run errands together. It is fairly easy to do things together. However, when we live far away or even on other continents, we need to build these activities together and consciously.

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This is but one of the many activities you can start with your friends. You could also pick up a new series, for example.

Respond Promptly

While we can structure our communication to encourage it or to try to ensure it has a somewhat regular frequency, not everyone will work best this way. Some people do not prefer to have such a fixed schedule but prefer to reach out whenever it occurs to them to do so.

One way to encourage contact in this destructured way is to respond promptly. If a message arrives seemingly out of the blue, try to respond quickly and enthusiastically to pick up on the momentum of the moment. Some people work in bursts of energy like this! But also do not become disappointed if you do not receive the follow-through you want. This is not really a sign that they do not care or want to stay in touch.

Share Multimedia from Your Daily Life

One way to make your life more present and real for your friends and family is to share multimedia with them on a regular basis. This means sending pictures and videos of things you enjoy throughout the day.

You can even generate content by live streaming things you are enjoying. For instance, if it is your birthday, but you do not have enough time to talk with all the people who want to call and wish you a happy birthday, you can live stream your event.

This way, you can invite more people from around the world to your birthday or event. You can all sing happy birthday together even if you do not have enough time to have an individual call with all the people you wish to see on your big day.



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