Top Leading Champions of IPL


India is one of the greatest and most powerful cricket teams in the world. The 2 times ICC World Cup champion team undoubtedly becomes the best among the other corresponding teams. So as we know that the ICC world cup is the biggest competition of International. Cricket tournaments, just like that other tournament like champion’s trophy or Asia cup – they are the heavy weightage tournaments and they are held during a specific time gap of a year. So somehow the intense and the excitement go fade so that the BCCI has organized the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2008 for the first time. And till date, the popularity and love for this T20 format game are waving its flag with pride of success on the chariot of Indian Cricket.

Overview of the tournament’s previous 12 years:-

IPL is a tournament where 8 different teams compete with each other with the name tag of 8 different cities of India and in the end only one the team could add the feather of winning on their crown. This is one of the biggest stages for the up comers who could shine their talents on the international sports level. Let’s have a quick overview of the previous IPL tournaments winners who lifted up the cup and had experienced the hash of winning.

Rajasthan Royals(2008); Decan Chargers(2009), Chennai super kings(2010, 2011,2018), Kolkata Knight Riders(2012,2014), Hyderabad(2016), Mumbai Indians(2013,2015,2017,2019)- so it was the list of winners of IPL.

IPL: Bond between experience and new comers:-

Besides being the greatest tournaments of India IPL is a Platform itself, where we can watch out the bond structure between the experienced players and the up comers who are going to take the javelin flag of the future of cricket in future. Not only the Indian new talents, IPL gives the same place to the foreigner players as they can also show their talents on the green grass and on 22 yards.

International Stars
International Stars

On the other hand, the 8 teams include at least 15 players who have capped the international level, alongside the legendary talents of every country rule over the 22 yards of Indian stadium with the same pride and same glory as per data released by betway. Which seems quite inspirable, for the future players.

Franchise System:-

Every game needs to be sponsored with monetary contributions. The biggest business tycoons of India or the rich men of India sponsor the teams financially. On the other hand, the IPL is a great business strategy for the BCCI by which Indian cricket could gather more money for further prosperity and all. Alongside the demands of the high ranked players cost a mass of amount which also paid by them who generally sponsor their respective teams.

Belated 12 years of glory IPL never failed and it became one of the most favorite tournaments for the Indian Cricket culture. As it provides us a mixture of strategies, techniques, and all. Along with this, the league presents us to experience the variety of gameplay of different country’s players in one single frame of reference. It is the year 2020 and for the 1st time, IPL is going to be held in Dubai due to the pandemic of COVID-19. After a long-postponed once again the world is going to see that same magic again. Which indicates,- the fame and the love of people for this game. Let’s hope for the best and looking forward to the upcoming explore in the 22 yards.