Union Health Minister to hospitals: No Dengue patient to be denied treatment; increase bed strength


New Delhi: Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare Shri J P Nadda has directed all hospitals under the central government that no patient suffering from fever or suspected to have Dengue should be denied treatment and the bed strength, if needed, should be increased to accommodate all patients who are visiting the hospitals for treatment for suspected dengue. The Union Health Minister stated this in the high level meeting chaired by him today with MS of Dr. RML, Safdarjung and Lady Hardinge Hospital, here today. Also present during the meeting were senior officers from the Health Ministry.

The Union Health Minister has been constantly and closely reviewing and monitoring the Dengue situation in Delhi and other states. High level meetings under the chairmanship of the Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare Shri J P Nadda with the senior officers of the Ministry, the Directorate NVBDCP and heads of various central government hospitals in Delhi including AIIMS, and officials of the Delhi Government have been held to review the situation of Dengue in Delhi and other states.

It was noted that at national level, there has been decrease in the number of dengue cases detected with 75808 cases in 2013, 40571 cases in 2014 and nearly 21000 cases in 2015 up to second week of September and the recovery has been in more than 99.99% cases. All this has been possible due to better awareness and timely medicare. However, in Delhi, the situation in terms of cases detected & deaths reported to be due to Dengue, seems to have gone on the higher side compared with the last year. While the number of cases detected in Delhi last year was 995, the number detected this year ending second week of September was 1872 and loss of life has been reported to be 5 as compared to 3 last year.

In view of the recent upsurge in the cases of Dengue, the Union Ministry of Health has ensured that the number of beds in the central government hospitals is increased. In addition, specific instructions have been conveyed to the MS of the hospitals to accord priority to dengue cases and not to refuse any patient treatment. However, at the same time it was felt necessary to create awareness among the masses not to panic, and to resort to increased intake of liquids such as ORS solution, coconut water etc., and to take paracetamol to reduce temperature, resort to sponging with cold water.

The experts also noted that the fever caused due to Dengue is generally tackled the way the other fevers are, in the home settings. However, in case of any doubt or fever persisting, the patients must be brought to the hospital for appropriate medicare. The central government hospitals are fully geared up to infuse platelets whenever there is a need.

The Health Ministry has further impressed upon all the concerned departments and the public to actively promote cleanliness so as to reduce the breeding places for the dengue mosquitoes. At the request of the Union Health Ministry, the CPWD has advised all its offices to allow NDMC and MCD officials access to roof tops of building to check breeding. The instructions also note that special measures need to be taken for vector control in construction sites, basements, roof tops and unused buildings.

Source: PIB


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