Vi Subscribers Count Increased By 75K Plus In Delhi This June

  • Added more than 3.21Lakh subscribers in the circle from Jan to June
  • TRAI has recently released the subscriber data for the month of June 2022.

NEW DELHI: As per the latest data, with a teledensity level of 270.06%, Delhi continues to have the maximum teledensity in the country.

In the month of June, with a net addition of 2,63,813 new subscribers, Delhi reported the fourth largest subscriber growth in the country, taking the total subscriber base in the circle to 5,30,04,319.

Vi has reported steady growth in the circle. With the second-highest addition of 75,871 new subscribers, Vi shares 28.76% of the total net addition in the circle, in the month of June.

This year, from January to June, Vi has added 3,21,165 subscribers to the circle. With this, Vi is the second largest telecom operator in Delhi.

Vi currently has a subscriber base of 1,64,25,147 with a subscriber market share of 30.99% in the circle.


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