Walmart organizes Guitarmonk’s cultural event inside the office


There are various ways to combat stress. While some find solace in indulging into a shopping spree some tread the meditation route. Different ways for different individuals but this one surely stands out.

The Guitarmonk cultural performance organized by Walmart inside their office was not a just a break for the employees but indeed a treat for them. The American multinational retail corporation, Walmart operates a chain of discount department stores and warehouses across the globe and as per the Fortune Global 500 list of 2014 it is world’s largest company by revenue. Whoa!

Now imagine the employees of this superbly active organization doing ‘No action’ for an hour, as an absolutely tranquil environment has been created sans any hustle bustle or mental pressure. Well that’s what describes the early morning music session in Walmart’s office premise that was conceptualized by Gutairmonk’s Kapil Srivastava.

With five multitalented musicians who played mandolin, guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar and drums the event became a blissful experience for employees as the musicians turned the office into a meditation zone.

Amidst the grueling schedules it is become really important to engage employees with unique, creative ideas and music is one of the most preferred ways to do so. Guitarmonk has been conducting employees’ engagement activities for the last decade. Its corporate division offers specifically designed music learning system for corporate, inside their office premises and this time it was for one of the most renowned group Walmart.

The basic idea behind these musical workshops inside office premises is to recreate employees, restore their energy, and entertain them along with providing psychological and physiological benefits. The other advantages associated with such musical workshops include- Reduced Absenteeism, Enhanced Customer Service, Improved Performance, Reduced Attrition, Enhanced Quality of Work, Improved Team Interaction, Reduced Grievances, Reduced Tardiness etc.

Guitarmonk’s association with Walmart is an inspiring move. It will motivate the corporate world to contemplate upon such innovate ways to engage employees. So if mailers, annual calendars, monthly reports, tracking sheets, never-ending discussions, have been daunting your workplace for long, you certainly need a break and what better than a musical one!


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