What are the Red Flags While Looking for a Student Accommodation?


Once you step into the world of college and university, many things change for you. When you decide to pursue your further studies abroad; you might need to look for proper lodging. You cannot simply stay in random places. After all, you are not going to have your home therein to keep you safe, comforted, and pampered. You must make the right choice at the time of selecting a housing option like Studio or so on.

No matter you go for an EN-suite or any other type of housing option; the point is you must be thoughtful about your specific needs first. There are so many different types of places in the world and every place is dissimilar in different ways. You would find diverse cultures, lifestyles, people, staying options, and much more. Being an Amber student, you cannot simply think that you would get what you are looking for like a breeze. You must search for housing carefully. Of course, if you are seeking for on-campus accommodation, then the story might be different.

Staying with Friends is not an Option

Many people think that they would go abroad and simply stay with their friends. If you feel that you have so many friends scattered in the country and you would stay with them from time to time; you might be simply imagining things. Come on, that would not work properly for you. If you are a serious student and are going there for some good degrees and courses; then you must have your own lodging. You cannot simply toss from one place to another for your stayover. After all, what about your luggage, stuff, and everything? Whether Private Halls of residences or any other lodging option; there is no shortage. You must look for one for yourself. You cannot stay productive and at peace once you are living with your friends abroad. After all, you are not going to be in the country for one week or a month; but for several months and even years.

Distance is a Main Concern

Then distance is one thing that should be taken into consideration for sure. Every space in the respective country would have different lodging options like shared apartments and so on. The point is you must look for a place in proximity to your college. You cannot simply take a chance with anything. What is the point if your lodging or housing is very far from your college and you take up an hour or so on one side to cover the distance? That would be too annoying and tiring. On the days when you are already getting late for the lecture in the college; such a distance might hit you in the head.

But if you have your lodging spaces like shared apartments or housing near to the college or university; you can be at ease. If you can reach your lodging from the college within fifteen to twenty minutes or even less; that would be a bliss for you. On the days when you have free lectures during the day, you can think of visiting your lodging and grab some snacks or food or simply have a quick nap. You would not need to stay back at the university because you had one lecture in the morning and the next one is int the evening at 4. Come on, you cannot stay in the lodging for so many hours in-between.

What are the Legalities?

If you are thinking that you would simply take your luggage and talk to the authorities and get inside the housing for your stay that is not the case. There are so many legalities in different places of the world. You must go through the proper documentation and paperwork. You cannot simply haste in. You should ensure that you have an idea about the space and the rules and regulations of that area. Whether a solo room, shared en-suite, or anything else; you must be well-informed about the rules and regulations. If you are looking for housing with the help of professionals or any specific platform; then you might be at ease to some extent. Of course, they would look into the things before you make any decision. They would cross-check your documents and only then show you the green flag for the option. In this way, you might not make any silly or stupid bloopers.

What is Included in your Housing?

If you are assuming that the housing option you pick is going to have everything from a bed, couch, burner to wi-fi connection and AC; then you might be thinking too much. Come on, every housing option has its specific provisions. You must talk to the authorities about the housing before you step in with your stuff. You must check out what is there in the housing provided to you so that you can take your stuff accordingly. For example, what is the point if you purchase new burners, AC, and even bed for the lodging and you end up finding out that the housing option you have picked is fully furnished already? That would be a big disappointment for sure. Whether dual occupancy studio, solo apartment, or any other lodging option, you must be double sure about everything.


Finally, safety is one thing that you must not miss out on when you are looking for a lodging option in a new city or country. Come on, since you are new to that place, you must not take it lightly. You should ensure that you know everything about space. What is the point if you end up taking a housing in an area wherein the locals of the country hesitate to visit because of the crime rate?  Often, student housing options are situated in safe areas only. But it is always better to be double sure before you move in.

Conclusion So, when you know about all the red flags and these things now, make sure that you make the right choice regarding your housing in a new country. You are a student and you deserve the peace of mind, safety, a proper budget, and comfort.


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