Why India Is One Of The Preferred Destinations For Outsourcing?


Outsourcing is something that Indians are familiar with and it isn’t a new word for us. Indians got acquainted with the word when software giants all over the world started to outsource their management process to companies in different countries like India. There are multiple reasons why companies outsource but the most obvious ones include cost reduction and cost-effectiveness i.e get the same quality services at a much lower cost. 

India is one of the preferred destinations in the world for companies and businesses who are looking to outsource complete or part of their business processes. There are various reasons why India is a preferred destination for many companies to outsource, including: 


At the top of the list, the prime reason why India is one of the best destinations for outsourcing is that the services provided by the individuals in India are cost-effective. In highly developed countries like the US, the cost of living is higher than in countries like India, and hiring a professional in such countries is usually expensive because the lifestyle and living standard there is expensive.

Hiring an Indian professional or individual is much more cost-effective for foreign companies since the cost is considerably low and it is a good business decision for foreign companies to hire professionals from India. Along with this, another plus point is that despite the low cost, the quality of the services provided is maintained at par with the global requirements.

A Large Pool Of Skilled & Talented People

India is home to arguably the largest pool of skilled and talented people. Every year, more than 1.5 million engineering graduates pass out from different institutions in the countries and it also includes institutes like IITs and NITs. For foreign companies, this is a wonderful thing. It gives foreign companies a wide pool from which they can pick the most skilled and the most talented developers. 

The graduates that pass out in India every year are as skilled as graduates from any other country of the world and along with this, the spoken English of Indian graduates is quite impressive. Indian graduates can communicate fluently with companies from different countries without having any sort of issues. The companies can not only get skilled and talented individuals but they also don’t have any sort of problem with the communications which is another great reason behind why India is preferred for outsourcing. 

Trained According To The Latest Technological Requirements

The individuals in India who are hired by foreign clients are trained according to the latest technological requirements, as required. The companies who provide remote services to foreign clients make sure that their employees are able to perform and deliver exactly the way the clients intend them to. Indian companies provide futuristics training to their employees to provide state-of-the-art infrastructural and technological services to the clients who are outsourcing their work. 

Whether it is software development or accounting and finances services, Indian professionals are famous all over the world to deliver world-class services. Whether it is in the field of programming and software development such as developing any sort of application such as Scrabble Word Finder for games like Scrabble and Jumble Solver to solve all the difficult Jumbles. 

Allows Clients To Focus On Their Core Strengths

Foreign companies by outsourcing their various processes whether it is related to marketing, software development, or client support, can focus on other things such as their core strength which could be supply chain management, lead production, finance, etc. 

Since the outsourced services are managed wholly and solely by the service providers which are companies that have expertise in their respective fields, these service providers manage everything for their foreign clients, right from recruiting the individuals to training them to keep a check and balance on them which lets the companies increase their efficiency at a lower cost. 

Better Communication and Client Support

Indians are also preferred by foreign companies and clients because they are able to communicate in a better way and offer excellent client support. Indians have full command over modern communication apps like Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, etc that have made remote communication between two individuals or teams easier.

Through these apps, the whole process of working between two remote teams is simplified and since Indians have a good command over these remote communications applications, the clients are happy and satisfied with the support and services they get.

Featured Image Credits: Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash


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