Winter Special: Cornitos California Almonds in 3 enchanting flavors


New Delhi, December 2018: Cornitos California Almonds are roasted and seasoned to perfection and offering three enchanting flavors – Honey, Lightly Salted and Smoky Barbeque. Almonds are known for their high health and nutritional value and are preferred snack for Winter Season.

Cornitos Honey roasted almonds are a flavourful combination of sweetness with a hint of salt. Cornitos Roasted Lightly Salted Almonds is sublimely salted to perfection. Cornitos Roasted Smoky Barbeque offers heat of chili and pepper with spicy sweet aroma of coriander, ginger and cumin. The three enchanting flavours of Cornitos California Almonds are perfect for guilt free snacking and provide perfect balance of taste & health.

Cornitos roasted almonds are handpicked and processed through unique roasting technology for a uniform roast and a crunchy bite. California Almonds are good source of protein, fiber, minerals and healthy fats. They can be used in your morning breakfast or as healthy evening snacks.

These are available in an easy-to-open and resealable stand up packs of 200g. They lock in freshness and deliver great taste. Its functional design makes it an ideal travel as well as a party pack with goodness of health which provides consumers advantage of multiple time product use instead of one-time snacking.

Get into smart snacking as Cornitos California Almonds is a healthy treat for any occasion and ideal for an Active Lifestyle.

Price – Roasted California Almonds Smoky Barbeque Rs 340 for 200g

Roasted California Almonds lightly salted Rs 340 for 200g

Honey Roasted Almonds Rs 360 for 200g

Availability: It is available across all Retail outlets in India


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