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NRInews24x7 is a news portal and a digital content platform to experience India domestically and in overseas. This reflects the vision and desire of the First Generation NRI and PIO to connect back with India. There wishful desire to contribute back and connect with their traditions and cultures. To let their coming generations experience the beauty and diversity of India without any prejudice.

We have plans in near future to bring community specific news to Indians and people of Indian origin. Our digital content is continuously building an experience of India and Indian people and people of Indian origin.

Our Mission

We are a community news platform with a focus on India, NRI (Non Residential Indians), PIO (People of Indian Origin) and Indians overseas.

We want to draw the focus and attention of the world on the achievements of people of India and those of Indian Origin.

Our Goal

To develop and evolve as a news portal that will build digital content to promote Indians in India and Indians Overseas including NRI and PIO.

We are continuously creating a digital content platform for Indian Business (SME and MSME) to collaborate their strengths, skills and resources; to plan a reach to the global markets. Our news and branding digital ecology is continuously evolving to the demands of the global Indians with a design to assist the needs of small business and that of Indian professionals who want to go to global markets and reach out among others to Indian owned or run business outside the boundaries of India and within India.

We have plans to evolve networking platforms with digital content that will highlight Indian Culture, Traditions, Heritage and Business. We propose to use these digital vehicles as a window for global players to experience India.

Our Team

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Our news network includes the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Australia, India

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The Editorial Desk: editor.tgin@gmail.com

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