5 tech-enabled startups shaking up the legal market to pave the way through litigation conundrums


INDIA: The legal sector is undergoing a transformation thanks to legal technology, or legal tech, which uses technology and software to deliver legal services, boost the productivity of lawyers, and democratize legal knowledge. Legaltech startups are challenging the traditional legal market with cutting-edge solutions that harness artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, blockchain, and other technologies.

Here are some of the top legal tech startups that are offering game-changing litigation solutions:

Lumenci: Lumenci is a Gurugram-based legal tech startup that provides intellectual property and patent litigation services. Lumenci uses AI and natural language processing to analyze patent portfolios, identify infringement risks, generate claim charts, and provide litigation support. Lumenci claims to reduce the time and cost of patent litigation by up to 80%.

Provakil: Provakil is a Noida-based SaaS platform that provides legal management solutions to corporate legal departments and law firms. Provakil offers litigation management, contract management, and compliance tracking solutions. Provakil also provides tools to track and update intellectual property automatically. Provakil integrates with over 8000 courts in India and helps lawyers stay informed on case statuses and judgments.

MikeLegal: MikeLegal is another Gurugram-based legal tech startup that offers an AI-powered legal assistant that helps legal teams automate tasks and make data-driven decisions. MikeLegal provides solutions for trademark research, trademark watch, trademark management, and trademark litigation. MikeLegal claims to work with over 100 companies, including Tier I law firms and corporates such as Pidilite, Hero MotoCorp, Bajaj Finance, Reliance Industries, and Sun Pharmaceuticals.

SpotDraft: SpotDraft is a Delhi-based legal tech startup that helps businesses create, manage, and execute contracts with AI. SpotDraft uses natural language processing to generate contracts from templates, extract key information from contracts, send automated reminders for payments and renewals, and flag potential risks and disputes. SpotDraft also offers a smart dispute resolution platform that helps businesses resolve disputes online without going to court.

LegalKart: LegalKart is a Hyderabad-based legal tech startup that connects users with lawyers across India for various legal services. LegalKart offers a mobile app that allows users to chat with lawyers, book appointments, track cases, pay fees, and get updates on their legal matters. LegalKart also provides practice management software for lawyers that helps them manage their clients, cases, documents, invoices, and payments⁵.

These are some of the top legal tech startups offering path-breaking litigation solutions in India. These startups are using technology to make the legal sector more efficient, effective, and accessible for everyone.


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