84-Year-Old Pune Woman’s Life Restored After Painful Fall


PUNE: An 84-year-old woman from Pune suffered a painful fall in her bathroom that left her bedridden for almost two months. The fall caused a fractured vertebra, severe back pain, and disc bulges that compressed the nerve roots in her legs, causing shooting pain.

The woman’s quality of life was severely affected as even basic activities such as passing urine and motion had to be done in bed, causing immense distress. However, thanks to a Vertebroplasty procedure, along with a root block and pulsed radiofrequency procedure, performed at Painex Pain Management Clinic, she regained her independence and restored her quality of life.

“We are thrilled with the success of the procedure, which resulted in complete pain relief for the patient,” said Dr Kashinath Bangar, Painex Clinic. “The patient was able to sit up independently and walk once again, restoring her quality of life and giving her a new lease on life.”

This inspiring story is a testament to the importance of advanced medical procedures and the power they have to improve the lives of those in need, regardless of their age.

“Through advanced medical procedures, we were able to restore the quality of life of our patient, who was bedridden for almost two months after a painful fall. We encourage those suffering from chronic pain to seek medical attention and explore the range of non-surgical treatment options available to them.” – Dr. Nivedita Page, Pain Management Specialist at Painex Clinic.

It is crucial to prioritize appropriate medical care and pain management for older adults with chronic pain. Failing to do so can lead to a decline in their overall health and quality of life, making it challenging for them to carry out daily activities and putting them at risk of falls, injuries, and hospitalization. Untreated chronic pain can also cause psychological distress, social isolation, and cognitive decline, further compromising their well-being. By ensuring that older adults with chronic pain receive proper pain management and medical care, their overall health, function, and quality of life can be improved.


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