9th Matrix Global Summit Showcases India’s Foray In Deeptech And Generative AI Innovations

9th Matrix Global Summit

BENGALURU: TiE Bangalore Matrix Forum, a trailblazer in India’s Deeptech landscape, presented the 9th edition of The Matrix Global Summit 2024 in Bengaluru on the 6th and 7th of June 2024 at the Bangalore International Center. The summit drew together leading minds from Deeptech and Generative AI, showcasing groundbreaking advancements and facilitating high-level discussions among industry leaders, researchers, and innovators. 

The conference witnessed participation from over 500 attendees, featuring keynote addresses and panel discussions by a power-packed line-up of speakers. TiE Bangalore also announced the winners of the prestigious Matrix 2024 Startup Awards. The Matrix Global Summit 2024 featured an extensive program with over 30 keynotes, panels, and workshops led by 80+ speakers. The rich discussions covered various deep tech areas, including Generative AI, new-age manufacturing, blockchain, industrial sustainability, agritech, and robotics. 

During a speech at the 9th TiE Bangalore Matrix Forum, Dr. Ajai Chowdhry Co-Founder of HCL and founder, of EPIC Foundation India highlighted that India stands at a pivotal moment in its technological journey, transforming from a service-based economy to a formidable product nation. Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, we can drive innovation and create and manufacture world-class products for global markets. Our government’s progressive policies are laying the foundation for this transformation. We must foster a robust ecosystem that encourages startups, supports research and development, and bridges the gap between academia and industry. As we harness AI’s potential, we are not just participants but leaders in the global tech arena. Let’s embrace this opportunity to position India as a beacon of innovation, shaping a future where our products define the world stage.

At the 9th Matrix Global Summit, Arvind Tiwary, Futurist and Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Matrix Forum took us on a journey on what the future holds. He stated, “Generating profit from GenAI applications may take a considerable amount of time. Large language models (LLMs) will exhibit imaginative tendencies, hallucinations, and stereotype biases akin to human behavior. Effective AI regulation demands a diverse range of specialties, contrasting with the flawed US model that relies solely on AI suppliers for safety oversight—comparable to asking cigarette manufacturers to regulate smoking. The future might lean towards analog technologies and synthetic biology, with innovations like Xenobots offering a glimpse into this potential direction”.

Winners of the Matrix Startup Awards:

The summit celebrated the achievements of emerging startups through the prestigious Matrix Startup Awards. The 2024 Winners are

Matrix Startup Awards Scale-up category:

  • Winner – Suzhiyam Industrial Machines (Municipal solid waste to Industrial Process heat for hard-to-abate sectors like Cement and Steel)
  • 1st runner up – Whrrl (Decentralized blockchain-based warehouse receipt financing for Agri produce)
  • 2nd Runner up – Ayati Devices (Diabetic Neuropathy detection and monitoring device)

Matrix Startup Awards Innovation  category:

  • Winner – Chara Technologies (Pioneer in rare-earth free motor and drive systems)
  • 1st runner up – Next Big Innovation Labs (Customizable 3D Bio-Printing technology) 
  • 2nd Runner up – Meukron Technologies (microfabrication of MEMS packaging and microfluidic devices in  semiconductor and biomedical industries)

Jury Special Impact Award: 

  • Padcare Labs (Pioneering technology  in recycling of used sanitary pads)

Major Announcement at Global Matrix Summit:

  • Clodura.AI Secures $2 Million Investment from Bharat Innovation Fund: Clodura.AI, the GenAI-powered “sales companion,” platform raises $2 million to transform sales prospecting to closure with its ability to find decision-makers, gather intelligence, automate outreach, and create a 10X sales pipeline.
  • IIIT Bangalore partners with Matrix Forum to strengthen its Deeptech Startup Incubation Program ORBIT: This partnership will provide startups with tech expertise, GTM mentors, test beds, customer and partner connections, and investor connects, incubating 10-12 early-stage deeptech startups annually.
  • Algorand Foundation announces the Faculty Development Programme on Next Gen Educators: The program aims to equip educators with blockchain fundamentals, decentralized application development, curriculum integration, and cutting-edge research, leading to a proficiency certificate.
  • Next, Big Innovation Labs launches TRIVIMA PRO, Customizable 3D Bioprinting Technology: TRIVIMA PRO, a Made in India technology, enables the on-demand creation of human/living tissues, paving the way for innovative pharmaceutical testing and potential organ printing.

These significant announcements at the Matrix Global Summit underscore the transformative advancements in technology and education, driving innovation and growth in the industry.

Speaking at the event, TR Anand, Chair, Matrix Forum and Board Member of TiE Bangalore said “The 9th Matrix Global Summit has once again demonstrated the incredible potential of Deeptech and Generative AI to transform industries and improve lives. India is poised to become a global leader in these fields, and the announcements made today underscore our commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration. We are excited about the future and look forward to seeing the revolutionary advancements that will emerge from this summit.”

Madan Padaki, President, of TiE Bangaluru stated, “The energy and innovation showcased at the 9th Matrix Global Summit have been truly inspiring. The collaborations and breakthroughs presented here highlight India’s growing influence in the fields of Deeptech and Generative AI. We are eagerly anticipating the next chapter at the TiE Global Summit in December, where we will continue to drive forward with even more groundbreaking ideas and partnerships.”

At TiE Matrix Forum, we are thrilled to witness the impactful outcomes of the 9th Matrix Global Summit, which underscore India’s prowess in Deeptech and Generative AI. The collaborations and advancements showcased during the event highlight the spirit of innovation driving our tech community. We eagerly anticipate further exploration of transformative ideas and the cultivation of new partnerships globally that will continue to propel our ecosystem forward, said Rahul Mathur, Conference Chair, TiE Matrix Global Summit 2024.

Attendees had the opportunity to connect with industry leaders, visionaries, and professionals worldwide, creating valuable connections and opening doors to global business opportunities. The sessions provided deep insights into emerging areas such as AI, IoT, quantum computing, and other disruptive technologies reshaping industries. Led by renowned experts, these sessions offered practical and actionable knowledge to help organizations navigate the evolving tech landscape.


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