A Timeless Cultural Heritage From Yeola Empowering Communities And Preserving Indian Paithani Tradition

Kapse Udyog Samuh
Shri Balkrishna Namdev Kapse, Founder of Kapse Udyog Samuh

YEOLA: Kapse Paithani Saree, an ancient art form born in the heart of Yeola, stands as an extraordinary provider of Indian tradition, skillfully handcrafted by the gifted Paithani people. With a remarkable history of 4000 years, this revered saree-making technique embodies the essence of India’s rich heritage and cultural identity.

Kapse Paithani Saree‘s visionary founders have surpassed mere craftsmanship, leaving an indelible mark on society. Since 2015, their impactful project has empowered marginalized communities by providing free training, food, and shelter to specially-abled people, showcasing their talents and skills. Countless women have achieved self-reliance by mastering the art of Paithani saree weaving, promoting gender equality. Kapse Foundation proudly continues its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, recently exhibiting their remarkable work at NMACC, Shri Balkrishna Namdev Kapse was invited by Mrs. Nita Mukesh Ambani to join and commemorate the journey of empowerment and cultural preservation, where the enduring legacy fosters opportunities and inclusivity through this timeless art form.

Today, the allure of Kapse Paithani Saree extends far beyond Yeola, gaining popularity and high demand among people in the West and South of India. As a symbol of elegance, tradition, and artistry, these sarees continue to captivate the hearts of people worldwide, making them a  precious aspect of India’s cultural heritage.

Shri Balkrishna Namdev Kapse, Founder of Kapse Udyog Samuh, “Kapse Paithani business is not just about weaving threads, but weaving dreams, traditions, and timeless elegance. Each saree carries a story, a piece of our heritage, and a symbol of craftsmanship. We are honored to be custodians of this art form and dedicated to preserving and promoting it with utmost passion and integrity. Our vision is to adorn the world with the beauty of Kapse Paithani sarees, inspiring women to embrace their cultural roots and empowering communities through sustainable livelihoods. With every stitch, we stitch a bond, a connection, and a legacy that transcends generations.”

In celebrating the success and impact of Kapse Paithani, we acknowledge the unwavering commitment of its founders to preserving and promoting this ancient craft, empowering communities, and enriching India’s diverse tapestry of traditions. As we embrace this timeless art, we pay homage to its enduring beauty and the remarkable journey of those who have nurtured its legacy throughout the ages. The Foundation of Kapse Paithani takes pride in preserving and promoting the revered artistry of Paithani. Rooted in India’s cultural heritage, this iconic tradition weaves tales of elegance and craftsmanship. Through the foundation’s unwavering commitment, skilled artisans are empowered, and marginalized communities find new avenues for artistic expression and economic growth. With a global appeal, the Kapse Foundation aims to create awareness and appreciation for Kapse Paithani among connoisseurs and new audiences. Committed to safeguarding and promoting this treasured art form, the Foundation of Paithani invites all to join their transformative journey of cultural preservation and empowerment, celebrating the indomitable spirit of Paithani.


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