AirAsia India provides special charter flights for the G20 Summit with a curated Gourmair menu and flight experience for G20 delegates


The airline will be operating the highest number of G20 charters in the domestic skies

INDIA: AirAsia India is proud to announce that it is operating special charters flying G20 delegates to various destinations. India’s presidency of the prestigious G20 forum marks a historic milestone and AirAsia India, as a part of the Tata group and a subsidiary of Air India reinforced its commitment to providing safe and pleasant travel to G20 delegates with the warmth of Indian hospitality, showcasing best of its in-flight dining and service experience.

AirAsia India has curated a special in-flight dining experience to give the delegates a flavor of India from its award-winning Goumair menu, offering hot meals including MasterChef Specials, All-Day Breakfast, Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter, Indian snacks, and a MasterChef curated fusion dessert. The MasterChef Specials section, exclusively prepared for AirAsia India by Indian MasterChef Kirti Bhoutika features an innovative Vegan Moilee MasterCurry, a unique take on the famous Kerala-style moilee curry prepared with tofu, cherry tomatoes, and zucchini, served with raw mango and coconut rice. It also includes an innovative Bengali and Italian fusion dessert – Shôndesh Tiramisu, with hints of espresso and dark chocolate, layered with mascarpone cheese. AirAsia India will also be offering quintessential Indian snacks such as Samosas and Kachoris on shorter flights.

Talking about the charters, Aloke Singh, President, of AirAsia India, said, “We welcome the opportunity to play a part in the G20 summit and look forward to showcasing the warmth of Indian hospitality with our on-ground and in-flight service and our award-winning in-flight dining experience. The flights for G20 delegates are part of our focus and commitment to providing a differentiated flying experience and playing a critical role in connecting people across India.

In addition to the special in-flight dining experience, AirAsia India will also have dedicated check-in counters for G20 delegates to ensure smooth and efficient check-in, along with special boarding passes and customized baggage tags to differentiate the travel experience for G20 delegates. G20 delegates can also enjoy a wide range of in-flight entertainment options through AirFlix, AirAsia India’s in-flight entertainment hub, with over 6,000 hours of high-resolution content, including 1000+ international and Indian movies and 1500+ web series episodes.


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