Bharat Forge Leads Sustainable Transformation of 100 Villages in Maharashtra

Bharat Forge Limited
CSR @ Bharat Forge Limited

PUNE: Bharat Forge, a Pune-based multinational conglomerate, has announced a monumental initiative that marks a transformative journey for the company. Spearheading the sustainable metamorphosis of 100 villages in Maharashtra, Bharat Forge stands at the forefront of a visionary movement towards holistic community empowerment. Under the leadership of Bharat Forge, these 100 villages have witnessed an extraordinary turnaround.

The initiative includes the strategic initiation of reverse migration by fostering livelihoods, resulting in a more than 5-fold increase in income for the communities. This innovative approach revitalizes rural life and displays Bharat Forge’s commitment to socio-economic development. In addition to driving reverse migration, Bharat Forge has empowered over 900 women entrepreneurs, providing them with the necessary support to excel in their endeavors. This groundbreaking initiative aligns with Bharat Forge’s dedication to gender equality and fostering women’s leadership in rural communities. Some of these achievements are listed below:-

  1. Education: 34,589 students empowered through education initiatives
  2. Skilled Employment: 3,000 youth skilled for better employment prospects
  3. Agricultural Support: 16,363 acres of land benefiting from agricultural support
  4. Clean Drinking Water: 35,387 beneficiaries gaining access to clean drinking water
  5. Hygiene: 40,000 beneficiaries utilizing water filters for improved hygiene
  6. Connectivity: 80 km of roads constructed for better connectivity
  7. Healthcare: 5000+ women benefiting from health camps
  8. Renewable Energy: 340.5 KW of solar energy generated for sustainable power sources

Furthermore, the sustainable transformation extends to environmental initiatives, including the conversion of drought-driven villages into water-positive communities. The creation of 2207 TCM water storage capacity ensures sustainable water management, benefiting farmers and empowering agricultural practices.

Bharat Forge has taken a structured approach to achieve these sustainable goals by focusing on the provision of potable water and agricultural support, enhancement of healthcare services, advancement of education, improvement of internal infrastructure, and creation of sustainable livelihood opportunities. The achievements include empowering 34,589 students through education initiatives, skilling 3,000 youth for better employment prospects, benefiting 16,363 acres of land from agricultural support, providing clean drinking water to 35,387 beneficiaries, and constructing 80 km of roads for better connectivity.

Commenting on the occasion, Baba Kalyani, Chairman and MD, of Bharat Forge said, “Our commitment to creating sustainable villages in Maharashtra is rooted in the belief that our success is intricately linked to the well-being of the communities that surround us. As we spearhead the transformative journey of these 108 villages, we are not merely shaping the landscape but fostering a sustainable legacy for Bharat. We envision a brighter future for Bharat, where every community thrives, empowered by the positive change we aim to bring

 Amit Kalyani, Joint Managing Director, of Bharat Forge added, “Our commitment to village development has evolved into a visionary Flagship Program aimed at uplifting 108 villages in Maharashtra. Through strategic interventions in education, healthcare, and infrastructure, we aspire to establish a sustainable model for community development. These initiatives are aligned to address immediate needs and to foster enduring positive change, thereby fulfilling our duty to the society that has played a crucial role in our success story. As we embark on this transformative journey, we are dedicated to creating a lasting impact, ensuring that these villages flourish and become beacons of sustainable progress for generations to come.”

Bharat Forge’s sustainable development model exemplifies the company’s commitment to social responsibility, economic growth, and environmental stewardship which has positively impacted over 2,13,000 lives. This transformative initiative sets the stage for a brighter and more sustainable future for Bharat.


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