Congress pledges to usher in a Golden Telangana, while BRS is committed to empowering one family

Rahul Gandhi & Rajendar Dichpally
Rahul Gandhi & Rajendar Dichpally

NEW YORK: The upcoming election in Telangana is a seminal event that will determine the future of the state. The two main contenders in the election are Congress and BRS. Congress has pledged to empower the people of the state, while BRS is committed to empowering one family.

Congress has a legacy of performance, having bought landmark reforms during its last tenure at the state as well as the center. These include the ‘Right to Employment’, ‘Food Security Act’, ‘Right to Information Act’, ‘US-India Civil Nuclear Deal’, ‘108 ambulance and health scheme for the poor, fee reimbursement, farm loan waiver, and landmark irrigation projects.

Congress has also battled corruption, allowing its leaders and allies to be examined for corruption charges. It did not shield the corrupt and let the law take its course, putting the accused in jail. In contrast, BRS has ushered in scams by the dozen, including the Kaleshwaram Project Scam, Mission Bhagirath Scam, Miyapur Land Scam, Passport Scam, Car Dealership Scam, Palamara Lift Irrigation Scam, Sand Mafia Scam, EAMCET Paper Leakage, My Home Land Scam, and Bathukamma Funds Scam.

As a result of BRS’ inefficient and corrupt government, the state is suffering from a humongous debt of 4 lakh crore rupees. Congress, on the other hand, is committed to the cause of women, the marginalized, and minorities. It has always ensured that the Dalits, SC, and ST along with minorities get plum posts in the administration.

The Congress Party has given 6 major promises to the people of Telangana, including schemes for women, farmers, and students. The party is sure to fulfill every commitment with sincerity of purpose and an unerring focus.

  • Under the ‘Mahalakshmi’ scheme, women will get 2,500 every month, gas cylinders for Rs 500, and free bus travel.
  • Under Rythu Barosa’s scheme, farmers & leaseholders will get Rs 1500 while farm laborers will get Rs 12,000 per year. A bonus of Rs. 500 per quintal will be given on paddy.
  • Under the ‘Grih Jyothi’ scheme, 200-unit electricity will be provided free.
  • Under the ‘Indira Amma Indloo’ scheme, free land and aid of Rs 5 lakh will be given for the construction of houses.
  • Under the ‘Yuva Vikasam’ scheme, students will be assisted Rs 5 lakh, and also international schools will be opened in every district of Telangana.
  • Senior Citizens will be given a pension of Rs 4,000 and provided health insurance up to Rs 10 lakh.

Telangana was granted by the Congress Party under the visionary stewardship of Smt. Sonia Gandhi against the toughest of odds. The dreams of crores of the people of Telangana came true because of the resolve of the leader and its party to fulfill the promises made in the manifestos in 2004 and 2009.

The choice in the elections is clear. Congress stands tall in every word and every deed, epitomizing equality, transparency, and trust. Let us usher in a new era for our state and our country era of progress, prosperity, peace, and fulfillment.


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