Dailyhunt, Josh, OneIndia, Collaborate With Gurugram Police To Enhance Public Safety Measures

Gurugram Police

Gurugram Police will leverage Dailyhunt, OneIndia, and Josh’s platforms to share information on important topics such as drug abuse eradication, women’s safety, promoting work of police officers doing active duty on the ground, and more

GURUGRAM: In a move to combat various issues affecting the citizens of Gurugram, including drug abuse, women’s safety, and cybersecurity, Gurugram Police has joined forces with Dailyhunt, India’s #1 local language content discovery platform, Josh, India’s fastest-growing and most engaged short-video app and OneIndia, India’s number one Digital vernacular portal.  The two-year partnership will harness the extensive reach of these platforms to disseminate vital information and foster community engagement. 

In a partnership signing ceremony organized at the Gurugram Police Headquarters, Shri Deepak Gehlawat, DCP of Gurugram Police, exchanged the MOU with Ravanan N, Executive Director of Eterno Infotech, in the presence of Shri Vikas Arora, Commissioner of Gurugram Police.

On Dailyhunt, Gurugram Police will create a dedicated profile to publish various content formats, including videos, share cards, and listicles, to engage a diverse audience, particularly the youth. OneIndia will complement these efforts by featuring articles, infographics, and videos across multiple regional languages, ensuring widespread impact and reach. Meanwhile, Josh will amplify the initiatives of Gurugram Police via engaging short videos across Bharat.

This collaborative initiative aims to eradicate drug abuse and enhance women’s safety in Gurugram. It will also showcase the efforts of police officers on active duty to create a sense of familiarity and community engagement with the police force.

Ravanan N, Executive Director, Eterno Infotech said “We are dedicated to empowering citizens and elevating public safety standards, and look forward to collaborating with Gurugram police to tackle pressing issues in the city. This partnership is a commitment to fostering community engagement, sharing credible information, and bridging the gap between law enforcement and the people they serve. We strive to shape a future where every citizen feels secure, every voice is heard, and every community is empowered to proactively contribute to a safer Gurugram.”

Shri Deepak Gehlawat, DCP, of Gurugram Police said“This partnership with Dailyhunt, OneIndia, and Josh marks a significant milestone for Gurugram Police in bridging the gap between law enforcement and the citizens. By leveraging these powerful digital platforms, we aim to tackle pressing issues such as drug abuse, women’s safety, and cyber security. Our goal is to not only disseminate critical information but also to foster a stronger, more transparent connection between the police and the people we serve. This initiative is a step forward in building a more informed, vigilant, and interconnected Gurugram community.”

The collaboration between Gurugram Police, Dailyhunt, and OneIndia symbolizes a united commitment to empower citizens and reinforce public safety, addressing pressing social concerns with innovative communication strategies.


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