FBS Hosts Successful Trading Seminar in Lagos, Nigeria


NIGERIA: FBS, a licensed global broker with over 14 years of experience and more than 75 international awards, recently hosted a successful trading seminar in Lagos, Nigeria. The seminar attracted approximately 200 guests seeking to enhance their proficiency in trading and financial markets.

During the seminar, FBS’s experts spoke about the role of income source diversification and leveraging principles to achieve financial goals. Attendees also had the opportunity to improve their knowledge of financial markets, Forex, CFD trading, risk management tactics, and financial market analysis, which are equally crucial for novice and experienced traders.

FBS’s unique approach to equipping traders with relevant trading tools and knowledge was evident throughout the seminar. The event was full of insights and free of charge, with a dynamic and interactive atmosphere created by FBS. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in giveaways and raffles, where lucky traders won an iPhone, bonus coupons for trading, and FBS merchandise kits.

“I was absolutely impressed with the quality of content and the speakers’ presentation skills. FBS’s commitment to transparency was evident throughout the seminar. I will use my lucky coupon to test the strategies covered at the event,” said Akeem Richard Ailoje, trader and FBS seminar guest.

Diego Lima, FBS Business Development Lead in the African Region, said, “Running our trading seminars in Nigeria, FBS follows our mission to create opportunities for traders worldwide, helping them enhance their knowledge and skills. The success of this seminar in Lagos inspires FBS to continue providing our traders with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the financial markets. We look forward to seeing even more participants in the future.”

FBS is steadily developing as one of the market’s most trusted brokers, with its traders numbering more than 27,000,000 and its partners exceeding 500,000 around the globe. FBS is also the Official Partner of Leicester City Football Club.


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