FDIC Board Members Speak Out Against Inappropriate Conduct in the Workplace


UNITED STATES: In a joint statement released on November 15, 2023, Vice Chairman Travis Hill and Director Jonathan McKernan of the FDIC spoke out against inappropriate conduct in the workplace. The statement was prompted by recent reports in the Wall Street Journal of misconduct at the agency.

The statement emphasized the importance of a professional workplace that respects and values the contributions of all employees. It also condemned any conduct that is inappropriate or unprofessional and called for accountability for those responsible.

As Board Members, Hill and McKernan emphasized their obligation to ensure that the FDIC holds all responsible employees and managers accountable for any inappropriate conduct. They also stressed the importance of protecting employees who have experienced unprofessional conduct and providing appropriate avenues for reporting misconduct.

The statement also called for an independent review of the agency’s workplace culture, initiated by the Chairman, to be effectively overseen by the Board and given the time and latitude needed to conduct a thorough, holistic review. The Board should be appropriately informed throughout the review process.

Finally, the statement emphasized that ensuring a professional work environment throughout the agency and providing transparency and accountability for employees and the public must be top priorities for the Board.

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The joint statement by Vice Chairman Hill and Director McKernan underscores the FDIC’s commitment to a professional workplace culture that values all employees and condemns inappropriate conduct. The statement emphasizes the importance of accountability, transparency, and protecting employees who have experienced unprofessional conduct. The Board’s commitment to ensuring a professional work environment and providing transparency and accountability must remain a top priority.


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