Finolex Industries And Mukul Madhav Foundation Celebrate World Environment Day With Impactful Water Projects And Tree Plantation Initiatives

Finolex Industries and Mukul Madhav Foundation Celebrate World Environment Day
Finolex Industries and Mukul Madhav Foundation Celebrate World Environment Day

PUNE: On the occasion of World Environment Day, Finolex Pipes, along with its CSR partner Mukul Madhav Foundation (MMF), is proud to announce the proactive initiation of several water projects and tree plantation drives in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Gujarat ahead of the monsoon season. These initiatives aim to provide vital support to communities, ensure access to clean water, and promote environmental sustainability.

Over the years, MMF has undertaken a wide array of initiatives and forged partnerships with various organizations to drive gradual change. More than 12,700 people have been supported with water conservation projects in and around Maharashtra and engaged in activities such as restoring and constructing cement nala bunds, installing water pumps, laying pipelines for remote access, and promoting initiatives like rainwater harvesting, river rejuvenation, and desilting water bodies. MMF has made significant strides in ensuring access to clean drinking water for thousands of families across multiple regions in India. In Khdakwasala, in Pune, the de-silting has been undertaken of a 2 km dam, benefiting over 15 lakh people in both the city and rural areas. In Piludra, Gujarat, the drinking water supply scheme has positively impacted 300 households. Furthermore, water tankers have been supplied to 500 families in three villages in Ratnagiri.

Additionally, extensive tree plantation drives to foster environmental protection are being conducted. MMF has achieved significant transformations in regions grappling with water scarcity. By deepening reservoirs, increasing water levels, and reviving old rivers and lakes, we have made a meaningful impact.

MMF is actively planting trees in Pune, Ratnagiri, Satara, Masar, and Rajasthan to combat soil erosion and mitigate the effects of global warming. So far 23000 trees have been planted. The premises of Mukul Madhav Vidyalaya (MMV) have been equipped with solar systems, and rainwater harvesting facilities, and planted more than 336 trees and counting over the last 5 years. The school also boasts vegetable patches and a garbage management system aimed at producing compost fertilizer for its garden.

 These initiatives aim to make a significant difference by offering vital support to communities and improving water availability for agricultural and daily needs.

Speaking on the same, Ritu Prakash Chhabria, Managing Trustee of the Mukul Madhav Foundation and CSR Committee Chairperson of Finolex Pipes and Fittings stated, “As we celebrate World Environment Day, we reaffirm our commitment to creating a future where every individual has access to clean water and every community can thrive. We believe in proactive measures to address the water scarcity challenges faced by communities, especially during the summer. These projects reflect our commitment to sustainable development and ensure access to clean water for all.”

Water is not just a resource; it’s our lifeline for millions. By initiating water and tree plantation projects, we are not only providing immediate relief but also investing in the long-term resilience of these communities. Our foundation is dedicated to creating lasting solutions that uplift and empower every individual we serve.” she added.


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