Guru Purnima Observed at Sadhu Vaswani Mission on July 3rd, 2023 with 108 Havans, Satsangs, Talks & Sevas

Sadhu Vaswani Mission
Sadhu Vaswani Mission

PUNE: The Sadhu Vaswani Mission and its global centers observed the sacred Guru Purnima by organizing satsangs and service activities. In Pune, Abhishek of the sacred samadhis of Sadhu Vaswani and Dada Vaswani was done early morning, It was followed by 108 havans and 108 recitations of the Gayatri Mantra.

In the noon session, devotees gathered in large numbers from all over the world for soulful bhajans and kirtans. The children, youth, and elderly all joined in the chorus to ‘jai gurudev’.

Didi Krishna Kumari, Executive Head of Sadhu Vaswani Mission, addressed the devotees. She said, “We live in a world of uncertainty. From our health to finances to relationships everything is uncertain. Man himself, the planet itself, and the universe in itself are uncertain. In such an uncertain world, the truly fortunate one is he who has found a Guru.” Continuing, she said, “We are truly blessed for we have in our lives two Great Masters who were so humble that they never referred to themselves even as a Guru.” She then continued to share experiences from her life and highlighted the importance of surrendering to the Guru. In conclusion, she gave a prayer for all to recite every day in offering and remembrance of the Guru, “I am yours and may I always be yours.” Following her talk, she gave prasad to all devotees with her own hands.

Everyone partook in the Guru langar – fellowship meals at the program. Yukta Chandwani, a volunteer said, “Seva is purifying. While we give of ourselves in the sevas, what we receive is incomprehensible.

The evening satsang featured discourses of Sadhu Vaswani and Dada J.P. Vaswani.

On this day, service activities included distributions of ration kits to the poor and needy. Seva of the visually impaired was also held where they received an umbrella and backpack each. One of the beneficiaries Gangasagar Patale said, “These gifts are extremely useful to us. I am a student in the first year of BA and the backpack will help me carry my books comfortably and the umbrella will protect me from the rains.”

Guru Purnima celebrations at the Mission and its global centers were indeed a day of remembrance of the Guru and living his teachings of serving the poor and needy.


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