HiFive Holistic Hub Fostering The Comprehensive Development Of Children

HiFive Holistic Hub
HiFive Holistic Hub

A Pune-based comprehensive center offering holistic development for children’s social-emotional well-being, providing a strong foundation and nurturing environment.

PUNE: HiFive Holistic Hub is dedicated to fostering the comprehensive development of children. It encompasses a vibrant community that cultivates emotional intelligence, social skills, and a passion for education and blended learning. The nurturing environment encourages children to explore, create, and flourish under the guidance of the dedicated team of educators. 

Founded by Dr. Manasi Brahme Rajurkar, the center is located in the heart of Pune – Deccan Gymkhana, this unique institution offers a haven where children can truly flourish, focusing on strengthening their foundation with necessary academic achievements for holistic development.

HiFive Holistic Hub was born out of a mother’s love and a vision for a brighter future for children. Upon witnessing the challenges faced by children dealing with physical, mental, and behavioral difficulties, the founder, Dr Manasi Brahme Rajurkar, a renowned pediatric physiotherapist, embarked on a journey to establish a space that transcended mere academic pursuits, prioritizing the comprehensive development of children. Manasi recognized the need for a space that nurtured not just cognitive development but also the overall well-being of the children. Inspired by her mother, a skilled artist and craftsman, Manasi’s journey with HiFive is a testament to her passion for healing and the holistic growth of children. This vision gave rise to HiFive Holistic Hub, underpinned by the conviction that cultivating awareness and fostering necessary creative exposure to a child’s achievement within the academic sphere and in life as a whole. 

The center provides personalized attention to every child, offering various programs for ages 8 months to 9 years, including Mother-Toddler, Toddler N Fun, Kreative Upskill, Beyond the Books, Academic Achievers, Smart Saturdays, Integrated Learning, and Mumma Owl’s Nest (Extended Hours from 7 PM – 11 PM). The Kreative Upskill program is a full-day program that blends academics with co-curricular activities, igniting curiosity and a love for learning.

In response to the challenges faced by working parents, HiFive introduced Mumma Owl’s Nest – Pune’s first center to introduce a revolutionary concept that extends care beyond traditional hours (operational between 7 PM – 11 PM), powered by Hifive Holistic Hub. This safe and nurturing haven offers late-night and evening childcare, giving parents peace of mind while their little ones enjoy engaging activities and movie nights. All the programs can be customized and parents can select multiple programs per their child’s preferences. Alongside these programs, HiFive prepares children thoroughly to succeed in competitive exams.

On the occasion of HiFive Holistic Hub’s completion of 3 years, the center has exciting plans for expansion in Pune. It aims to open 3 more centers in prime and accessible locations, introducing its distinctive holistic approach to a wider audience of children and families. HiFive’s mission is to empower children to become happy, confident, and well-rounded individuals with essential life skills. This expansion seeks to ensure that more young minds have access to their comprehensive programs and nurturing environment for their holistic growth and development.


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