Interview: Darshan Ghodawat CEO and Managing Director AVA Global Logistics LLP

Darshan Ghodawat, CEO and Managing Director, AVA Global Logistics LLP
Darshan Ghodawat, CEO and Managing Director, AVA Global Logistics LLP
  • Please brief us on the glorious journey of AVA Global Logistics LLP.

Since its inception in December 2014, AVA Global Logistics embarked on a modest mission to address internal logistics needs. In just eight years, we have evolved into a leading logistics service provider, serving over 350 clients, including numerous publicly traded corporations. Experiencing this transformation has been one of the most gratifying highlights of AVA Global Logistics’ journey. Our journey is marked by significant milestones, starting from our founding and including pivotal moments such as the early adoption of real-time information integration, implementation of container oversight systems, and delivery of personalized services. These achievements underscore AVA Global’s dedication to excellence and our relentless pursuit of surpassing customer expectations. They exemplify our commitment to providing innovative solutions that cater to the evolving demands of our clients, aligning with our goal of becoming a trusted partner in the logistics sector.

  • Please brief us about the products or services offered by your company.

When we talk of freight forwarding in India, AVA Global Logistics has distinguished itself through its strategic focus on being customer-driven. Our company offers a comprehensive suite of logistics services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. These services encompass real-time container tracking, shipment information, and specific answers, among others. By providing transparency, efficiency, and customised offerings, we ensure that our clients’ requirements are not only met but exceeded. Whether our clients require domestic or international logistics support, AVA Global Logistics is dedicated to delivering services that precisely align with their needs. Our vision to offering a wide range of services enables us to address the unique challenges and requirements of clients across different locations effectively.

  • What are the company’s growth strategy and expansion plans?

AVA Global Logistics’ success strategy revolves around its early adoption of real-time information, container monitoring, and offering personalised services. These initiatives have bestowed upon us an advantage by enhancing clarity, building competence, and customer satisfaction. By meticulously addressing our clients’ specific points and needs, we have not only maintained but expanded AVA’s footprint in this fiercely competitive market. Our extensive experience and expertise, helps us develop bespoke measures styledto tackle the various distinct situations encountered by clients across various industries. Our focus remains on finding alternatives, coupled with customer satisfaction, enables us to consistently deliver value across different sectors, ensuring our operations remain adaptable and efficient.

Demonstrating adaptability to the dynamic logistics sector, AVA Global Logistics proactively integrates cutting-edge technology into its operations. We understand the industry’s demand for real-time information and streamlined container movement, and have diligently sourced and incorporated the finest software available into our operations. This modern outlook guarantees that our clients receive the most up-to-date and efficient services available. By remaining at the forefront of technological advancements, AVA Global Logistics will continue to implement its strategy of providing efficient and dependable logistics services. With ambitious expansion plans on the horizon, particularly in surface transportation and technology aggregation for diverse logistics arrangements, we are committed to leveraging advanced technology to bolster the productivity, opaqueness in operations, and reliability of our services.

  • How are AVA Global and other players in this industry navigating through high fuel prices?

The escalating cost of fuel directly impacts the bottom line of logistics businesses, as shipping costs rise in response to these increased prices. This surge in transportation costs has reverberated throughout the transportation sector, resulting in higher prices for goods and services reliant on transportation, such as food, consumer goods, and building materials. To address the impact of rising fuel costs, logistics firms are undergoing fundamental changes in their operations. They are implementing strategies to optimise fuel usage, improve fuel efficacy, and explore alternative energy sources where feasible. Additionally, companies are reevaluating their transportation routes, modes of transport, and logistics networks to minimise fuel consumption and mitigate cost increases. Despite these impediments, there is optimism that the situation is not long-term, and inflation will be brought under control. As the industry continues to adapt to the evolving fuel landscape and implement innovative remedies, we at AVA Global remain committed to finding efficient and sustainable ways to navigate through high fuel prices while maintaining the quality and reliability of our services.

  • What are the main obstacles that a logistics company has to face in the current environment?

One notable challenge is navigating the contours of the logistics industry while striving to set ourselves apart from other players in the market. To overcome this hurdle, we have prioritised thinking out of the box and made investments in cutting-edge technology to enhance our services and optimise our operations. By leveraging advanced tools and systems, we aim to deliver greater competence, clear working insights, and reliability to our clients. The other challenge is in building and maintaining strong relationships with our partners and stakeholders. Collaboration and communication are essential for smooth operations and successful outcomes in the logistics sector. Therefore, we place a strong emphasis on cultivating and nurturing these relationships to ensure seamless cooperation and mutual success. Staying true to our core values and remaining agile in the face of tricky situations have been instrumental in overcoming obstacles and achieving success. I believe that by taking progressive measures, fostering strong partnerships, and adapting to changing market dynamics, we can emerge stronger than ever before.

  • Please brief us on your outlook on the logistics industry.

In today’s interconnected world, global trade and supply chain management have never been more crucial. To thrive in the logistics industry, it’s imperative to leverage knowledge, demonstrate unwavering promise toward your work, and adopt a future-oriented strategy. At AVA Global Logistics, we have been at the forefront of elevating the standard of logistics services in our country. By consistently delivering the best, we not only benefit our clients but also contribute to the overall growth and development of the logistics ecosystem in India. Looking ahead, I envision the logistics industry evolving towards the establishment of companies with robust procedures in place. This style of working enables businesses to navigate through changes and evolving situations effectively, ensuring the sustainability and prosperity of the entire logistics landscape. As we continue to innovate and adapt to the evolving needs of our clients and the industry as a whole, I am optimistic about the future of the logistics sector and its vital role in facilitating global trade and commerce.

  • Please share with us the success mantra of your company.

The success mantra of Ava Global revolves around foresight, resilience, and innovation. We believe that young and aspiring entrepreneurs should focus on the business landscape not just for the present, but a decade or more into the future. By emphasising the importance of building long-lasting companies with well-structured processes, businesses can effectively withstand obstacles, ensuring their success in the long run.  Addressing industry adversities and providing innovative fixes to meet the specific needs of clients is paramount. We encourage entrepreneurs to combine a forward-thinking approach with robust practices and a customer-centric mindset to thrive in today’s challenging markets. By staying ahead of the curve and constantly innovating, entrepreneurs can pave the way for their companies’ success and make a lasting impact in their respective industries.


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