INTERVIEW: Harshavardhan Pusala Founder & Managing Director at Techurate

Harshavardhan Pusala, Founder & Managing Director at Techurate
  1. What was the biggest challenge you faced in your entrepreneurial journey and how did you overcome the challenge?

Navigating as a self-funded, bootstrapped company presented a formidable challenge, primarily centered around cash flow management. The perpetual question of what might transpire if we were to face a depletion of funds loomed large. In such a critical juncture, determination and unwavering self-belief played a pivotal role.

We tackled the situation by taking strategic steps to secure and expand our business. We worked together as a team, emphasizing resourcefulness and aligning our efforts with what the market needed. This not only helped us overcome cash flow issues but turned them into opportunities for growth. The experience taught us the importance of staying strong in the face of financial uncertainties and showed us how a determined mindset can lead a company to long-term success.

  • What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

From an early age, the seed of entrepreneurship was planted in me with the simple yet profound vision of positively impacting the lives of at least a hundred families through meaningful employment opportunities. As the journey unfolded, this vision organically evolved into a grander aspiration — to be a catalyst for change on a global scale. Today, my inspiration extends beyond mere numbers; it is about creating a ripple effect that empowers millions, elevating their lives, and contributing to the collective betterment of our world. Entrepreneurship, to me, is the means through which I can translate these aspirations into tangible, transformative actions.

  • How has your journey evolved after you became an entrepreneur?

Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey has been a profound exploration of self, uncovering hidden strengths and pushing the boundaries of personal development. This transformative experience is a sculptor of humility, chiseling away at ego and dispelling any traces of arrogance.

Transitioning from an individual contributor to an entrepreneur necessitates a profound shift in mindset.

Entrepreneurship requires a holistic approach, considering all the factors that shape the business landscape. In simple terms, it’s a dynamic force that not only changes how I see myself professionally but also presents challenges that define who I am at my core.

  • What were the various things you learned as an entrepreneur?

Embracing optimism has been a key lesson in my entrepreneurial journey. The entrepreneurial path, I believe, is learning to appreciate failures as integral stepping stones toward success. Take, for instance, client acquisition—approaching 50 clients may yield a mere 5% success rate, yet the imperative is to move ahead undeterred. It’s a lesson in navigating against the currents, persistently moving forward despite the odds. In essence, entrepreneurship has instilled in me the resilience to swim against the tide, recognizing that it’s often in overcoming challenges that the most valuable lessons are learned.

  • List down the number of achievements.

Throughout our impressive 8-year journey as a self-funded entity, we’ve achieved notable milestones that feature our resilience and success. Notably, we stand as a profitable organization with a robust client base exceeding 400, a testament to our sustained growth and client satisfaction. Among our esteemed clientele, we proudly serve over 30 banks and a diverse array of financial institutions, showcasing our versatility and credibility in the industry.

Our global footprint extends across 20+ countries, spanning four continents. This international reach is a testament to our ability to excel in geographical boundaries and deliver impactful solutions on a global scale. These achievements collectively highlight our commitment to excellence and the trust bestowed upon us by clients worldwide.

  • Tell us what you think about your business industry.

In our business industry, abundant opportunities serve as tests of patience and measures of persistence. By 2026 and 2027, digital banking and core solutions are estimated to be valued at over $1.6 trillion and more than $16 billion, respectively. This expansive market evolves from technological advancements and shifting consumer needs. Despite the challenges it poses for survival, the industry remains welcoming to businesses of all sizes. Success in this arena requires strategic positioning, with overcoming challenges akin to solving strategic puzzles that pave the way for triumph.

  • What are your plans as an entrepreneur?

Our vision as entrepreneurs extends ambitiously towards becoming the premier Financial Technology provider on a global scale. Our goal is not merely to achieve size but to impact billions of lives positively through enhanced financial inclusion and empowerment.

By aiming to connect the unbanked, our commitment goes beyond mere accessibility—it delves into the sphere of leveraging technology to enrich lives. True empowerment, in our perspective, emerges when technology becomes a transformative force, catalyzing positive change in the lives of individuals and communities around the world.

  • Please give us one message that you’d like to give to upcoming entrepreneurs.

Getting on entrepreneurship is similar to getting on a lifelong journey, where commitment becomes our constant companion. In this journey, the lines between work and life, seamlessly intertwine when you dream big. It’s not a sprint but a marathon, a continuous pursuit that unfolds new experiences every day. The thrill and satisfaction derived from this enduring journey are indescribable, making each day a unique chapter in the narrative of growth and achievement. My sincere wish is for more individuals to embrace this race, discovering the unparalleled joy and fulfillment that comes with being an entrepreneur.


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