JCB Literature Foundation in collaboration with Access For ALL Introduces Sugamya Qissa Pitara: A multi-sensory, inclusive Learning Initiative

JCB Literature Foundation.
Sugamya Qissa Pitara

NEW DELHI:  Access For ALL, in collaboration with the JCB Literature Foundation, unveiled its first unique Accessible Learning Box – Sugamya Qissa Pitara, this Monday in Delhi.

According to UNESCO, there are more than 78 lakh children with disabilities in India between 5-19 years. While 61% of them were attending an educational institution, about 12% had dropped out and 27% had never been to school at all. Recognizing the urgent need for inclusivity and accessible education, This initiative aims to bring joy and accessibility to education for children with special needs across the country. With a shared vision of empowering every child, this innovative learning solution seeks to bridge gaps and create a more inclusive reading landscape.

Sugamya Qissa Pitara is not just a learning tool; it’s a transformative experience. Featuring diverse tools such as large font, sensory, quiet, and behavioral books, tailored for special needs, the initiative addresses the unique requirements of visually impaired children through tactile and sensory books with braille and large fonts, ensuring accessibility for all.

Crafted with Universal Design principles, each Sugamya Qissa Pitara is flexible, safe, and easy to use, featuring vibrant, artist-created furniture that adds an inclusive touch to the learning environment. Equipped with a Sensory Mat for enhanced cognitive growth, the pitara ensures a secure setting for focused educational experiences.

Extending beyond the classroom, Sugamya Qissa Pitara supports parents and caregivers with new books, activity sheets, and specialized training by Inclusive Learning experts. Specially crafted caregivers’ manuals in Hindi and English provide invaluable insights and support for fostering effective learning environments at home.

Sugamya Qissa Pitara aims to create an inclusive educational landscape, celebrating diversity, creativity, and accessibility, while addressing the multifaceted needs of children for a more enriched and holistic learning journey.

Talking about the initiative, Siddhant and Nirali Shah from the Access For ALL team, said, “Sugamya Qissa Pitara exemplifies the transformative power of inclusive design, with its profound impact stemming from its alignment with universal design principles. At Access For ALL, our dedicated team crafts learning products and games that prioritize an enriching and inclusive experience for all. Our designs meticulously incorporate the tenets of special needs pedagogy, enhancing hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and visual discrimination. With a visionary approach, bring the best global practices in our products with ingeniously thoughtfully structured to enable seamless engagement, fostering a shared experience where neurotypical individuals can engage harmoniously alongside those with disabilities.”

The Sugamya Qissa Pitara is not the first project under the Foundation to take the joy of reading to those who are differently abled. Over the years the Foundation has been working with SAKSHAM to ensure that all shortlisted titles of its flagship project the JCB Prize for Literature, are converted into visual impairment-friendly formats (braille and digital) of which the digital versions are made available for free, worldwide, via the Daisy Library (Sugamya Pustakalya).

With Delhi being the first location, the Sugamya Qissa Pitara program is set to travel to other parts of the country soon.


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