Laxmi Road Shines with Attractive Illuminations on its 101st Anniversary!

Laxmi Road
Laxmi Road

PUNE: Situated in the heart of the city, Laxmi Road has been a major shopping attraction for enthusiasts in and across the Pune district since 1922. To celebrate its 101st Anniversary while also increasing the Diwali shopping experience for customers, a radius of 3 km including streets of Laxmi Road, Kumthekar Road, and Bajirao Road have been beautified with attractive electric lighting by the Federation of Trade Association of Pune, United Retail Trade and Garment Association, and Pune Saraf Association.

This illumination was formally inaugurated in the presence of Vikram Kumar, IAS, Pune Municipal Commissioner. Other dignitaries like Fatehchand Ranka; President and Mahendra Pitaliya; Secretary of Federation of Trade Association of Pune, Rajesh Shewani; President and Milind Shalgar; Secretary of United Retail Trade and Garment Association, Yogendra Ashtekar; President of Pune Saraf Association, and others were also present on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Vikram Kumar said, “Laxmi Road is an important shopping centre in Pune city. Customers not just from Pune, but also from different parts of the district come here for shopping. This tradition has been going on since 1922. On completion of 101 years of Laxmi Road, all the businessmen have come together and decorated this place with attractive electric lighting. The celebration of 101 years and the festival of Diwali; both make these lightings an even more special attraction.”

Fatehchand Ranka; President of the Federation of Trade Association of Pune said, “Laxmi Road was called the ‘East-West Road’ during the British era. Big and famous shops of cloth merchants and jewelers in Pune are on Laxmi Road. Besides Pune, people from all across Maharashtra come to Laxmi Road for shopping. We couldn’t celebrate the centenary year of Laxmi Road due to Covid-19. But to mark 101 years, we have decorated a radius of 3 km including Laxmi Road, Kumthekar Road, and Bajirao Road with attractive electric lighting. I urge Punekars to come and witness these alluring lightings and enjoy their Diwali shopping.

Because there are several jewelry shops on Laxmi Road, a walking plaza is not a good option. Even today, customers carry a large amount of cash when they come for shopping. That’s why people wouldn’t take a risk to come here if a walking plaza is made,” added Fatehchand Ranka.

He further expressed that the Pune Municipal Corporation should make arrangements for ‘Pay and Park’ here. Along with this, the street hawkers should also be provided with other conveniences, as the customers can use the footpaths to avoid the traffic jams. In addition, he also made demands to allow people to reach Laxmi Road from the Deccan area, as they used to until 1992-93 to avoid traffic congestion


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