Lexicon Kids Champions Environmental Conservation Cultivates Eco-Friendly Values in Young Minds

Lexicon Kids
Lexicon Kids

PUNE: Lexicon Kids, a distinguished educational institution dedicated to holistic learning, is taking bold strides to instill environmental consciousness in its youngest learners. With a commitment to fostering responsible citizens, Lexicon Kids organized an engaging and enlightening environmental conservation program for its students.

The primary objective of these excursions is to teach a deep sense of environmental sensitivity and inculcate habits such as planting, wildlife conservation, waste disposal, and an overall commitment to keeping nature pristine. The program aims to imbue children with a love for nature and develop positive habits from an early age.

Students of Lexicon Kids visited the Palm Garden and Raje Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Udyan, gaining knowledge about various plants and comprehending the vital importance of environmental care.

Students engaged in fun and educational activities. The multifaceted benefits of these nature-centric outings include nature exploration, social interaction, physical activity, sensory experiences, and outdoor learning.

Reflecting on the initiative, Nasir Shaikh, Group Chief Executive Officer, The Lexicon Group of Institutes, EduCrack, & EasyRecruit+, expressed, “At Lexicon Kids, we believe in nurturing responsible citizens right from the beginning. By exposing our young learners to the wonders of nature and cultivating eco-friendly values, we aim to contribute to a sustainable and better world. These activities enhance their learning experience and impart valuable knowledge on ways to conserve the environment, ensuring they become stewards of a greener future.”

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Lexicon Kids is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world by molding its students to lead the way toward a brighter, greener future. They emphasize key principles of environmental conservation, urging everyone to take actionable steps:

  • Halt deforestation
  • Optimize natural resources
  • Implement strategies to prevent the loss of forest life
  • Plant trees to rejuvenate the environment
  • Raise public awareness
  • Encourage recycling
  • Make choices that benefit the environment
  • Implement waste management techniques
  • Preserve endangered species

Lexicon Kids believes that by imparting these principles, they are cultivating the foundations for a generation that will actively contribute to a healthier and more sustainable planet.


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