Life Insurance Trends In 2020


In today’s market, insurance has become one of the most crucial investments. So the insurance industry right now stands at the center of major transformations in order to provide beneficial solutions to everyone. The changes in this industry will be driven by many factors, including digital penetration, growing competition, new customers, etc. And, collectively, these factors will change the course of the insurance industry. By understanding the upcoming trends in this domain, you will be able to choose the best insurance company in India. Following are the key life insurance trends to watch out for in the year 2020 –

  1. New Customers Calling for New Solutions

Over the years, the needs, knowledge, and expectation of customers have changed significantly. Hence customers are no more the people who accept everything that comes their way. Instead, they look deep into every matter and seek the best solutions. Similar to every other industry, customers are a disruptive force in the insurance sector as well. It is the time when we experience constant changes, immediate solutions, and extensive choices.

Therefore, insurance companies need to move ahead of their basic products and services in order to sustain them. Customers need insurance companies to be tech-savvy and be able to manage new demands in the new digital era so that they can get the most reliable deals without engaging themselves in many hassles.

  1. A New Perspective on Growth

To achieve growth, insurance companies need to constantly evaluate their roadmap and align with the market needs and changes. The conventional approach of merely selling products and services is no longer sufficient, as customers know what is advantageous for them and what is not. So insurance companies will achieve growth by leveraging service-centric models, developing innovative products, and asserting more focus on preventive measures.

The rise in demanding customers means insurance companies have to continually innovate their products and services in order to stay relevant. Whether it is about a term insurance plan or any other life insurance coverage, customers are always looking for new ways to gain maximum financial security. And there is no way insurance companies can grow without moving along with these demands.

  1. Collaboration and Expansion

In the current fiercely competitive scenarios, insurance companies have understood that merely organic growth and internal innovation are not sufficient. Along with offering the best insurance plan, these companies also need to focus on equity partnerships, M&A, and external alliances to facilitate their growth. Alliances with thriving tech start-ups can be highly advantageous for insurance companies. Presently, companies within this sector need exceptional deal-making skills to expand collaboration and remain relevant.

  1. Embracing the Digital Disruption

No industry can overlook technological transformation, and the insurance sector is no different. However, being aware of this evolution and taking the necessary steps are two different notions. Insurance companies need to ameliorate the technological aspect and leverage cloud, blockchain, and analytics to their benefit. The emergence of new technologies is evidently going to create a certain degree of disruption.

In order to stay ahead of competitors, insurance companies need to understand and implement the technology to their benefit. Customers are inclined toward companies that are able to provide them with seamless products and services at a reasonable cost. Harnessing the potential of the right technology and methodology will enable the insurance company to provide products and services that cater to customers’ expectations. So beating the competition would not be tough for them.

A few Technologies that can be used by them are:

  • Underwriting: Conventional underwriting resources are not enough to fulfill the modern-day requirements of the industry. With the help of AI and analytics, organizations can come up with more accurate underwriting by using a massive amount of customer data. Plus, blockchain technology will enable them to transfer information within the enterprise securely. So it can be used on multiple interfaces without any issues.
  • Chatbots and Wearables: AI and IoT are two of the most innovative technologies in today’s market. When they are creating an impact everywhere, how can the insurance industry be left behind? These will bring a significant difference in the speed of quote-to-issue processing speed. Plus, it will offer an opportunity for insurers to motivate their customers for leading a healthy lifestyle.
  1. Better Claim Settlement Process

When you look for the best insurance company in India, the claim settlement ratio plays a significant role. It helps you ensure that the insurer is good at settling the claims of its customers, which makes them more reliable for you. So with the increasing demands of customers and modern-day technologies, enhancing the claim settlement process is almost inevitable for organizations. It can be in the form of online claim portals or more efficient processing of claims, but the enhancement would be seen there.

  1. Pandemic Coverage

How can we forget the major event of 2020, i.e., the coronavirus pandemic? As people are worried about such diseases that may turn into an epidemic in the future, insurers are looking forward to securing their customers for the same. On the other hand, insurance companies also need to ensure that they are not caught off-guard another time any such pandemic with high death rates hit the world.

Massive internet penetration, technological advancement, and rapidly changing demands of customers are bringing exponential transformations in insurance sectors. The companies in this industry need to stay updated with the existing trends and implement them in their operations to stay competitive and ensure growth.

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