Mahindra Group to Enable US Companies to Expand Global Manufacturing Footprint

Mahindra Group
Dr Anish Shah MD & CEO Mahindra Group

MUMBAI: As India ramps up efforts to revolutionize the global manufacturing and supply chain landscape, the Mahindra Group – one of India’s leading industrial enterprises – is poised to help American companies enhance their international footprint and expand by leveraging the advantages of India as a manufacturing hub.

The Mahindra Group will support interested companies in setting up their manufacturing base in India in a range of ways, including

  1. Through an integrated approach to manufacturing (infrastructure, supply chain, technology/automation, and others);
  2. A modular plug-and-play suite of offerings;
  3. Experience sharing on regulations and compliance; and
  4. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) focus.

With India as the fulcrum for its manufacturing operations, the Mahindra Group offers self-sufficient industrial parks at strategic locations and expertise to guide companies through the approval processes. The Group also offers cost-effective solutions for manufacturing and logistics needs, amongst others.

Complementing these efforts, International Finance Corporation (IFC) – the largest global development institution focused on the private sector in emerging markets – will offer bespoke equity and debt financing solutions for these companies. IFC has deep expertise in the manufacturing sector globally and offers valuable guidance leveraging its presence in India for local context and insights gained over six decades in the country.

India, with its huge domestic market and established industrial base, offers a robust manufacturing hub for global supply chains. Its young and skilled labor force is an added asset in terms of talent and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, with a thriving start-up ecosystem, India is well-positioned to drive economic growth and serve as a nerve center for disruptive ideas and technologies. The country has also achieved substantial manufacturing complexity across sectors, showcasing its competitiveness and readiness.

Speaking about the initiative, Dr Anish Shah, Managing Director & CEO, of Mahindra Group, said, “Mahindra Group is delighted to announce a dedicated platform in the United States – a decisive step aimed at enhancing global manufacturing and supply chain solutions for American companies. With this bold move, we will empower American businesses to unlock the immense potential of manufacturing in India. We are committed to leveraging our experience, capabilities, and expansive scale thereby strengthening the global manufacturing landscape. Together, we will forge a path towards a shared, prosperous future, marked by strong collaboration and growth.”

The initiative’s modular approach will further allow businesses to select products, services, and financing options from the Mahindra Group’s entire suite of offerings based on their exclusive requirements. With a demonstrated commitment to the highest ESG standards, sustainable manufacturing solutions will be a key component of the initiative.

The Mahindra Group also has extensive experience in regulatory and policy matters, with an in-house team of experts, who will lend their expertise to give American companies a head-start on their manufacturing journey in India.


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