Mantra Enables Sustainable Living with 100% EV Charging for 1600+ Customers in Pune

Rohit Gupta, CEO, Mantra

PUNE: In line with the Maharashtra government’s push for cleaner and greener cities by promoting sustainable development and mobility, Pune’s leading luxury developer – Mantra has taken a proactive and industry-first approach in furthering the government’s cause by enabling sustainable living communities with the provision of fully-functional EV-charging infrastructure for both cars and bikes.

The offering is provided at Mantra’s newly-developed premium projects; Meraki in Akurdi, Mirari in Mundhwa, Mantra Business Centre in Mundhwa, and Mesmer in Keshav Nagar, which will house over 1600 residents.

Mantra sets a new benchmark for sustainable living by offering 100% EV charging infrastructure, surpassing the government’s requirement of 30% in residential societies. Mantra’s initiative aligns with the impressive EV penetration in Maharashtra, which stands at over 10%, the highest among Indian states. With Pune city alone accounting for 19% of the EV vehicle share and PCMC at 11%, Mantra’s commitment to providing EV charging infrastructure complements the trend of EV owners relying on at-home chargers for the majority of their charging needs. Furthermore, the developer’s sustainability guidelines, including tree planting, rainwater harvesting, and the use of porous concrete, contribute to building a greener community and supporting the government’s F.A.M.E scheme

At Mantra, we firmly believe that sustainable development is not a trade-off between progress and the environment. By providing EV charging infrastructure in every parking space, we are committed to building sustainable communities and offering our residents the opportunity to embrace clean living. Our efforts align with the government’s vision of achieving Net-Zero emissions by 2030, and we hope to inspire other developers to join us in creating a greener future., Rohit Gupta, CEO of Mantra.


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