MomStory Nurtures Healthy Pregnancy For Patients With Rare Blood Conditions

MomStory Nurtures Healthy Pregnancy for Patient with Rare Blood Condition
MomStory Nurtures Healthy Pregnancy for Patient with Rare Blood Condition

Patients with recurrent abortions successfully reached full term and delivered a healthy baby

PUNE: MomStory by Sahyadri Hospital stands as a beacon of hope and medical expertise as it successfully navigates the pregnancy journey of Mrs Sangeeta (name changed), a 37-year-old housewife from Indapur, Pune, despite her rare blood disorder – Factor XIII deficiency.

The unique challenges faced by Sangeeta, who had a history of recurrent abortions (four previous abortions, and this being her fifth pregnancy), were attributed to Factor XIII deficiency, an uncommon bleeding disorder characterized by heavy and prolonged menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia). She was referred to a hematologist at Sahyadri Hospitals for the evaluation of Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APLA) and the determination of the necessity for anticoagulation during pregnancy. Despite previous negative tests for APLA syndrome, further investigation, specifically through a specialized Factor XIII urea clot solubility test, revealed the actual diagnosis of Factor XIII deficiency. Additionally, there are usually concerns about infertility in bleeding disorder patients, but in this case, doctors at Sahyadri Hospital managed it smoothly.

Considering the condition is not common, the doctors at Sahyadri Hospital in Hadapsar created a special treatment plan. Throughout her pregnancy, Sangeeta received Cryoprecipitate, a blood component containing Factor XIII, at regular intervals. This ground-breaking approach ensured the successful progression of the pregnancy, ultimately resulting in the delivery of a healthy baby via Caesarean section on October 10, 2023.

Dr. Chandrakant Lahane, Haematologist at Sahyadri Super Speciality Hospitals, Hadapsar, Pune, highlighted the uniqueness of this case, stating, “Factor XIII deficiency is a rare bleeding disorder, occurring in approximately 1 in 5 million individuals. It is not easily diagnosed through routine coagulation tests, underscoring the importance of thorough investigation and specialized tests for the accurate diagnosis of rare bleeding disorders, particularly in the context of reproductive health. Previous doctors who were working on this case had suspected a thrombosis disorder, but our team at Sahyadri Hospitals correctly identified it as a bleeding disorder. Factor XIII deficiency brings unique challenges, especially during pregnancy. This achievement reinforces our commitment to providing specialized care and overcoming challenges in reproductive health.”

Dr. Archana Belvi, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at MomStory by Sahyadri Hospital, Hadapsar played a pivotal role in Sangeeta’s antenatal care. Dr. Belvi stated, “Sangeeta was registered with us during her antenatal period. Given her diagnosis of Factor XIII deficiency, our team, in collaboration with Dr. Lahane, provided expert medical management. At MomStory, we address not only the medical aspects but also the psychological aspects of cases like these, ensuring comprehensive care under a single roof. With close monitoring of both fetal and maternal aspects throughout each stage of pregnancy, we successfully reached full term. At the time of delivery, all safety precautions were taken, and preventive measures were in place to avoid postpartum hemorrhage.”

Dr. Archana Belvi acknowledged the collaborative effort, stating, “The success of managing this case at MomStory by Sahyadri Hospital is a result of the combined efforts of the obstetrics team and the Haematology team and MomStory management.”

Sangeeta’s journey, marked by the hospital’s unwavering support and innovative treatment, sets a precedent for managing rare blood disorders during pregnancy. Following the delivery, both Sangeeta and her child were reported to be in good condition and were discharged after four days without experiencing any bleeding complications. This successful case exemplifies the impact of a collaborative and specialized approach in managing rare medical conditions, emphasizing Sahyadri Hospital’s commitment to delivering exceptional care to its patients.


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