New England Indian American Community Extends a Warm Welcome to US Congressman Ro Khanna at Fundraising Event

US Congressman Ro Khanna at Fundraising Event
US Congressman Ro Khanna at Fundraising Event

LEXINGTON, MA: On a picturesque Sunday afternoon, the New England Indian American community gathered once again to extend a warm welcome to Congressman Ro Khanna, renowned as a member of the esteemed “samosa caucus,” representing Silicon Valley and California’s 17th district. The lunch meet and greet fundraiser, hosted by the US India Security Council’s President, Mr. Ramesh Vishwanath Kapur, along with esteemed co-hosts Thomas Arul,  Mr. Ashok Bhatt, Dr. Suvas Desai, Sanjay Gokhale, Priya Samant, Amar Sawhney, Deepika Sawhney, Pramit Maakoday, Manoj Schinde, and Abhishek Singh proved to be a remarkable occasion for celebration and camaraderie.

The event took place at the Clay Oven restaurant, nestled in the historic town of Lexington, MA, and was graced by the presence of many distinguished business and community leaders, including Mr. and Mrs. Puran Dang, Mrs. Ranjani Saigal, Ms. Amrita Saigal, Mr. Gope Gidwani, Mr. Dhruba Sen, Mr. Archan Basu, Dr. Smita Joshi, Puneet Kohli, Paru Sanghvi, Vijay and Madhu Narang, Dr. Dinesh Patel, Mr and Mrs. Yash Shah Mr. Guruprasad Sowle, Krishna Srinivasa and many others.

Mr. Ramesh Kapur, in his opening address, welcomed Congressman Ro Khanna to New England, emphasizing the Congressman’s unwavering perseverance and determination that led him to triumph in his third election, eventually defeating the incumbent. Notably, Congressman Khanna played a significant role in inviting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi last month to address the joint session of the US Congress.

During his remarks, Congressman Khanna emphasized the importance of recognizing India’s elected leaders and acknowledged that the relationship between India and the United States is pivotal. He stressed that India’s emergence as a powerful nation, two generations removed from colonialism, requires realistic expectations in terms of alignment with US policies.

In his closing statements, Mr. Kapur shed light on the upcoming visit of Congressman Khanna and other esteemed members of Congress to India in August, signifying the continued commitment to strengthening India-US ties.

This momentous event marked not only a celebration of Congressman Ro Khanna’s achievements but also a testament to the cohesive spirit and vibrant engagement of the New England Indian community in furthering bilateral relations between India and the United States.

The Indian American Community of Massachusetts successfully raised over $25,000 at this event.


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