ONDC-Enabled ‘O Rickshaw’ App Launched In Pune

O Rickshaw’ app launched in Pune
ONDC; O Rickshaw app launched in Pune

To offer safe, fair-priced auto rides

The app is discoverable Google Play Store and currently has 12,000 auto rickshaw drivers already registered

PUNE: ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce) announces the launch of the ‘O Rickshaw’ buyer and seller app on the Network signaling a significant stride in urban mobility for the city of Pune. The app directly connects auto drivers and riders in the city on the Open Network.

The app is owned and operated by End Mile Connectivity Federation, a community-driven Section 8 entity established to empower auto drivers and provide Pune citizens access to safe, affordable auto rides. Over 12,000 auto-rickshaw drivers in Pune are already part of this federation and will now be discoverable on the “O Rickshaw app.” This initiative represents a pioneering moment as it is the first instance of a driver collective coming onto the ONDC Network, an endeavor made possible by the tech enabler Suma Soft.

The launch event had a distinguished line-up of key dignitaries including Mr. T. Koshy (MD and CEO of ONDC), Mr. Hardikar (MD, Pune Metro), Mr. Vivek Velankar (President of Grahak Manch), Mr. Suryakant Pathak (President of Grahak Peth), Mr. Surendra Brahme (Director of Suma Soft) and Mr. Shrikant Acharya (Advisor, End Mile Federation).

T. Koshy, MD and CEO of ONDC shared, “ONDC aims to democratize e-commerce in India by empowering local communities. The ‘O Rickshaw app’ closely aligns with this vision and will greatly benefit the citizens of Pune. This launch is the result of ONDC’s mission of putting the control back in the hands of auto drivers and riders.  As Pune embraces this transformative journey in urban mobility, the app stands as a testament to the potential of tech in fostering positive change with inclusion and level playing field for all at its core.”

Suma Soft, a Pune-based technology service provider for the ONDC Network, has been instrumental in the successful development of the ‘O Rickshaw’ app. It is designed to empower drivers and is set to onboard an additional 35,000 drivers within the next 3 months, with plans to extend its services to other cities across Maharashtra in the next 6 months.

Surendra Brahme, Director at Suma Soft said“Suma Soft believes in developing best-in-class solutions that ensure enduring growth and shared prosperity for all the stakeholders and the ecosystem at large. We are indeed very happy to be associated with the various components of India Stack including ONDC, AA, and ABDM, where Digital Public infrastructure is being explored to give solutions for growing India. This venture of creating value in the lives of Rickshaw Drivers is a step in that direction.”

Kedar Dhamale, Director at End Mile Connectivity Federation said, “End Mile Connectivity Federation aims to revolutionize the last-mile transportation system in India. We are trying to achieve the final stretch of travel that connects passengers to their ultimate destination. This could be a short distance between a bus or train station to a person’s home or office. We are also looking at it as a means of providing employment opportunities to the underprivileged sections of the society and welfare of the driver families.”

The launch of the O-Rickshaw app is a significant step towards achieving the goal of last-mile connectivity and promoting sustainable transportation in India. It not only improves the travel experience for passengers but also supports the government’s efforts to create a cleaner and greener nation.

One of the distinguishing features of the ‘O Rickshaw’ app is its commitment to a zero-commission model, ensuring that drivers receive their fair share. Additionally, the app adheres to government-mandated fares, making transportation affordable and transparent for users.


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