Passing On The Smile

Dr. Ketkee Asnani and her team,
Dr. Ketkee Asnani and her team, alongwith the children of Mahatma Gandhi School at her Dentalogy Tooth Care Centre on Boat Club Road

INDIA: This Doctor’s Day Dr Ketkee Asnani decided to go beyond her usual patients and practise and gift these smiles to those who needed them the most. On 1st July, Dr. Ketkee Asnani chose to extend her love into the community that she has so lovingly built over the years and invited children of Mahatma Gandhi School for free dental checkups, loads of games, snacks, and goodies.  

Her event ‘Smiles For All’, held at her Dentalogy Tooth Care Centre on Boat Club Road, was hosted by Dimple Somji, assisted by Neelima Ladkat, and supported by the NGO ‘With Love Charitable Foundation’.

Her fellow doctors, patients, friends, and family were also invited to spend this special day together to inspire everyone to give back to the community through their time and resources. 

About 25 children came to the clinic by a specially arranged bus, had their dental check-ups, and plans were drawn out for their future remedial treatment. The rest of the evening was spent in games, snacks, and each child went back with a goody bag filled with happiness and joy and the promise of better teeth in the days to come. 

Here is what some of the kids had to say-

Prajakta from grade 6 mentioned-

Thank you to the Dentalogy team for this checkup. When we came here, I and my friends were very scared that someone will take out our teeth but it was not like this. I love the check-up.

Anushri from grade 6- I like Sudiksha maam and I like coming here. This place is very nice.

Dentalogy, run by Dr. Ketkee is now looking for sponsors for the NGO kids in order to help complete their dental treatment and bring greater smiles to one and all alike.

It’s not easy to gift anyone a confident smile. And perhaps the only people who can claim to do so every day of their lives are dentists! 


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