Phoenix Marketcity, Pune Diwali Decor Unveiling by Esha Deol to welcome the festivities

Phoenix Marketcity, Pune Diwali Decor
Phoenix Marketcity, Pune Diwali Decor

PUNE: Phoenix Marketcity, Pune illuminated the festival of lights with a spectacular Diwali celebration that commenced with the breathtaking and enchanting decor unveiled by the graceful Esha Deol. The vibrant and festive ambiance of Phoenix Marketcity Pune was ingeniously divided into three captivating sections, each meticulously crafted to capture the very essence of Diwali.

Phoenix Marketcity, Pune Diwali Decor
Phoenix Marketcity, Pune Diwali Decor

At the heart of the festivities, the grand entrance gazebo welcomed visitors with an extraordinary display of contemporary dancers, creating an alluring and immersive experience that set the stage for an unforgettable Diwali shopping extravaganza. The main atrium was gracefully adorned by three traditional dancers, elegantly showcasing the richness and diversity of India’s cultural heritage through their captivating and traditional classical dance forms, seamlessly intertwining the essence of tradition and contemporary celebration. Furthermore, a special collaboration with Ferrero Rocher brought to life a magnificent golden-themed, life-sized Diya installation, radiating warm and heartfelt Diwali wishes to all mallgoers while infusing an air of luxury and sophistication into the celebratory atmosphere.

The presence of the esteemed celebrity Esha Deol added an exceptional touch of star power to the grand unveiling, rendering the event truly momentous and unforgettable for all attendees.

As we approach the festive season the mall offers an exclusive Festive Collection which is now available in-store. This collection is designed to add a touch of magic and style to your celebrations, ensuring that your festivities are memorable and joyous. Whether you’re shopping for your family, or looking for thoughtful gifts this festive season, the mall is an ultimate destination for all your festive needs.

So don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to enjoy every minute with your loved ones! It’s time to get your festive season on!

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