Phoenix Mills Limited opens “Phoenix Mall of the Millennium” in Pune

Phoenix Mall of the Millennium
Phoenix Mall of the Millennium

PUNE: The Phoenix Mills Limited (PML), India’s leading destination retail mall developer and operator, has opened the gates to its second mall in Pune, “Phoenix Mall of the Millennium.” The sprawling retail destination, spread across 16 acres and encompassing over 12 lakh square feet of gross leasable area, is located in the key consumption center of West Pune in Maharashtra.

The mall has been developed by PML under its joint venture with Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (“CPP Investments”). PML is today India’s leading destination retail mall owner and operator with an operational retail portfolio of over 1.1 crore sq. ft. of leasable area across 12 retail consumption hubs in 8 gateway cities of India.

The Phoenix Mall of the Millennium is an immersive and experiential destination encompassing 12 lakh sq. ft. of gross leasable area spread over 16 acres of land. It is home to over 350 national and international brands offering excellent shopping and immersive experiences. The mall showcases an Entertainment Zone that covers over 1 lakh sq. ft., with attractions like INOX, Fan Park, Time Zone, and FunCity. It also provides a diverse array of dining choices, with over 75 F&B options.

The mall is expected to generate employment for more than 10,000 individuals directly and indirectly. This regional consumption center will be further enhanced by the addition of ~14 lakh sq. ft. of modern offices which will start operating from FY25.

Atul Ruia, Chairman, of The Phoenix Mills Limited, said, “In 2006, we embarked on a transformative journey by acquiring our first site in Pune’s eastern enclave at Viman Nagar. This move laid the cornerstone for what would evolve into a remarkable retail destination. Phoenix MarketCity Pune, operational since 2011, swiftly established its position as a crown jewel in our portfolio. The people of Pune embraced it with open arms, transforming it into an iconic landmark that defines the city.

He added, “Today, with great pleasure, we unveil our second retail destination in Pune, Phoenix Mall of the Millennium at Wakad. This new retail destination is poised to resonate with hearts, mirroring the resounding success of Phoenix Market City Pune. At Phoenix Mall of the Millennium, we stay true to our philosophy of creating ‘WOW’ moments. We’ve intricately woven atriums, adorned with open-plan restaurants, laying the foundation for immersive experiences.

The mall exemplifies a seamless blend of contemporary and futuristic architecture, crafting an ambiance that seamlessly melds modernity with forward-looking elements. Three distinctive atriums, namely Plaza Flourish, Rains of Nourish Atria, and Opulent Atrium, grace the interior of the mall. Its design ethos embraces simplicity and modern aesthetics, drawing inspiration from cutting-edge elements and a central theme of “connectivity.”

Within the premises, an enchanting musical fountain named the Fountain Plaza serves as a focal point, enveloped by exquisitely landscaped greenery and captivating art-deco installations. Particularly striking is the grandeur of the Plaza Flourish atrium, boasting a feature wall adorned with diamond-shaped light fixtures and immersive, larger-than-life LED screens that coalesce to craft a mesmerizing visual spectacle.

The mall places eco-sensitivity at the forefront, ensuring that all materials utilized and spaces crafted align harmoniously with eco-friendly principles and meet stringent sustainability criteria. Rainwater harvesting systems are thoughtfully distributed across five strategic locations, while a substantial 1.5-ton organic waste converter serves as a dual-purpose resource, providing both water and nourishing compost to support the sprawling horticultural landscape.

The Phoenix Mall of the Millennium is a significant hub of consumption, attracting a higher volume of foot traffic and extending customer engagement. It is a unique, one-of-its-kind, indoor Fan Park to host grand events and celebrate the synergy of live sports and music. The mall is truly an icon of tomorrow’s shopping, seamlessly blending Pune’s rich culture and heritage with the vibrant energy of an established cosmopolitan hub.


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