Prashant Bhatia’s first book – ‘Dress the Part’ brings to the fore a simple significant and time-tested approach to menswear


Bhatia who is the Managing Partner of one of India’s oldest apparel brands – Cambridge Apparels, launched his first book

PUNE: Men’s fashion is not as glamorous as its counterpart and when it comes to office dressing, the awareness and exposure are quite dim-lit. Bringing his expertise to men’s workwear is Mr. Prashant Bhatia, the managing partner of the 63-year-old apparel brand – Cambridge Apparels, who launched his book to bring focus to men’s dressing. The book was launched today at Title Waves, Bandra, Mumbai.

The book explores the trends and the conventions of office wear for men through simple, significant, and time-tested ideas. The book offers practical tips and suggestions for men everywhere. It proves to be a useful guide for men of all ages as well as types of build.

Enthusiasts who attended the book launch met the author and got their copies signed. Mr. Bhatia, who has been co-running a successful apparel brand for about 23 years now, has seen the evolution of men’s fashion. As someone who has to stay abreast of trends and yet stay true to classics, he has garnered a sizeable experience that can answer every question related to men’s styling.

Excited about the book launch, Prashant Bhatia said – “Clothes and shoes maketh a man. Dressing up for work is not a high priority for most men but in my opinion, it should be. Clothes signify power and personality. I have seen men’s fashion evolve and I believe that with some basic instructions, men can drastically improvise their style quotient at work. My book has all of it and a lot more to guide men to better their clothing choices and make a great impression in front of everyone in the office. In my years of experience, I have learnt the basics and advanced concepts of color, combinations, fits, body types, and experimentation. I want to pass all of this knowledge to men, especially the younger lot, who believe that appropriately getting ready for work is irrelevant, tedious, and expensive. Even though there’s enough information on the internet, I’m sure my book will appeal to people of all ages & body types and they would always want to keep it handy”.

The book by Mr. Bhatia is one of its kind and is available for purchase online on Amazon.


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