Pretending to be a ‘superpower’ is pointless while declining at various indexes – Dr. Ganesh Devy

Book Launch
Book Launch

The book ‘Badalta Bharat’ by Manovikas Publication inaugurated

PUNE:When the index of our country is at the brim in indexes like human rights, human development, hunger, poverty, education, etc., pretending to be a ‘superpower’ is pointless. How we look at modernity, progress, and development of our country determines our wisdom. When a concept or an innovation spreads rapidly, it is seen as a catalyst for a change,” opined Dr. Ganesh Devy, literary critic and senior Linguist. He also asserted that Manovikas Publication’s ‘Badalta Bharat’ will not only increase people’s perspectives towards changes but also suggest some measures.

Devy was speaking at a book release event of ‘Badalta Bharat’ published by Manovikas Publications. The program was jointly organized by Manovikas Publications and MKCLand and was concluded at the SM Joshi Hall in Navi Peth recently.

Chairman of the State Encyclopedia Board and Senior History Expert Dr. Raja Dixit, Social Activist and Editor of the book Dutta Desai, Publisher Arvind Patkar, Co-Editor Sanyogita Dhamdhere, History Scholar Prof. Jaswandi Wamburkar and Political Science Scholar and Prof. Shriranjan Awate were present on the occasion. An open conversation was also organized on the topic ‘Changing India – Today and Tomorrow.’

This book is divided into two volumes with a contribution of 60 experts presenting 60 subjects. And as India celebrates 75 years of Independence, ‘Badalta Bharat’ throws light upon the happenings that happened in the past and present.


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