Promoting Marathi Language Through Letter Writing


PUNE: A letter, which was an important means of conveying a message until a few years ago, has now become a rarity in today’s digital age. But the affinity towards it has not yet diminished as there are many memories and feelings attached to it. Letter writing is not only a medium of expression but also a means of connecting with language. Considering that, a unique initiative ‘Patras Kaaran Ki’ has been organized by a social media platform called ‘Khalbatta’ to promote the Marathi language through letter writing among citizens, especially today’s youth.

Through the initiative, citizens will be able to write and send letters to the address of the organization- 103, Nachiket, 1st Floor, Prabhat Road, Survey no. 33/25, 4th Lane, Erandwane, Pune 41004 before November 20. The criterion for this would be that the letter needs to be written in Marathi only for any inanimate object and not for a person or an animal. Three features writing, expression, and sensitivity will be considered in this and there will be no conditions regarding the spellings. Some of these selected letters will be published on the social media platform.

Speaking about the initiative, Tejas Gokhale of ‘Khalbatta’ said, “Letter writing was an art and an important medium of message delivery during our grandparents’ and parents’ time. While writing a letter in the mother tongue, care was taken to ensure that the language, words, and syntax were correct to help improve the language. Keeping this in mind, we decided to carry out this letter-writing activity. Accordingly, the letter-writing activity started on October 25 and is getting a very good response from the citizens. Since the start, we have been receiving letters from about 17 to 18 people every day, and people are expressing themselves through letters on various things like headphones, letter boxes, school uniforms, or local trains. We also send replies to some letters through letters.”