PVRINOX Pictures is all set to take Anime Fans on a courtside adventure! ‘The First Slam Dunk’ to arrive in cinemas on 7th July

The First Slam Dunk
The First Slam Dunk

INDIA: Will the amateurs of Shohoku High beat the goliaths of the Sannoh School? PVRINOX Pictures are all set to release ‘The First Slam Dunk’, an exhilarating and inspirational sports anime drama.

The  FIRST SLAM DUNK, tells the thrilling journey of Hanamichi Sakuragi, a troubled young boy devastated after the death of his elder sibling, who gets a second shot at life when his love for basketball is reignited. Will Hanamichi embrace this second chance? Will he get over the death of his elder brother? Will the underdogs of Shohoku High defeat the champion giants of Sannoh School? ‘The First Slam Dunk’ is a classic David versus Goliath fable that keeps audiences on the edge right till the end.

With stunning visuals, heartfelt emotions, and inspiring themes, it is tailor-made to be enjoyed by audiences on a big screen

Whether you’re an anime enthusiast or basketball enthusiast or simply a lover of world cinema; ‘The First Slam Dunk’ assures to be an enthralling cinematic experience that appeals to a wide range of viewers.

 Don’t miss the release of ‘The First Slam Dunk’ in cinemas from 7th July 2023.


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