Revered Dada Vaswani’s 5th Anniversary Observed by Sadhu Vaswani Mission Pune

Revered Dada Vaswani's 5th Anniversary
Revered Dada Vaswani's 5th Anniversary

PUNE: Sadhu Vaswani Mission held a morning procession, prayers, satsangs, talks, and sevas to observe the 5th Mahayagna – the anniversary of Spiritual Master Dada J.P. Vaswani.

On July 12th, the day began at 5:30 am with the Prabhat Pheri – morning procession. Didi Krishna led the devotees, singing kirtans through the streets.

Satsangs, talks, and sevas were held during day, evening, and night sessions. Didi Krishna said, “The separation is there but in his radiant form he is closer than ever before.

This was followed by a satsang at the Sacred Samadhi where devotees from across the globe had gathered. At 09:01 am, the time of Dada’s passing on, silence was observed.

On July 13th, Didi Krishna gave a stirring talk on Dada. In her message she said, “Dada was an embodiment of every teaching of his Guru, Sadhu Vaswani. Yet, he remained humble. If we wish to translate his teachings into reality, we must imbibe his virtue of humility”. Devotees present were moved to tears by her words. Said an attendee, Sonia, “Dada is ever-present. He listens to the tiniest whisper of our hearts. His ever-living presence, unconditional love, and timeless teachings draw us to the Mission.” Devotees then partook from the guru langar – fellowship meals.

Programs in homage and tribute to Dada Vaswani were also organized by the Mission’s schools and colleges. It included plays, musicals, and speeches on the life of Dada Vaswani.

Service activities included the distribution of ration kits to the poor and needy, the distribution of books and stationery to children, the distribution of fruits to the ailing patients in the hospitals, and cows were fed.


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