Revolutionizing Interviews with AI: saasguru Unveils a Cutting-Edge Interview Practice Platform Powered by OpenAI


saasguru virtually launched the free interviewGPT preparation

NEW DELHI: Leading cloud skilling and certification Ed-tech, saasguru, has broadened its service offerings with the introduction of InterviewGPT, an AI-driven tool aimed at transforming the interview process for Salesforce job aspirants. Launched virtually on 14th June 2023, this service is designed to assist candidates in effectively preparing for job interviews and significantly enhancing their recruitment prospects.

saasguru, headquartered in Australia is on a mission to solve the cloud skills crisis. It has raised over AUD5.3 million, led by Square Peg Capital and other leading APAC-based VCs, and grown 10x in the last 12 months with the majority of its learners in India and the USA. Since launching the platform in mid-2021, it has helped kick-start over 70,000 careers in leading cloud platforms like Salesforce and partnered with over 20 cloud consulting companies to help them accelerate the cloud upskilling of new hires as well as re-skilling and upskilling of existing teams.

Amid the increasingly competitive yet specialized job market, InterviewGPT tailors its simulated interviews according to an individual’s technical proficiency, applied role, and industry-specific skill requirements. The platform further refines the interview preparation process by giving comprehensive feedback on multiple factors, including body language and tonal nuances, empowering professionals to recognize and improve upon their areas of strength and vulnerability.

On the occasion of the launch, Amit Choudhary, the Co-founder and CEO of saasguru, stated, “Given the intense competition in the job market today, candidates must find ways to differentiate themselves and excel during interviews. InterviewGPT is our response to this challenge, providing candidates with the necessary tools and resources. By offering tailored interview simulations, exhaustive analyses, expert consultations, and handpicked job recommendations, we aim to equip job seekers with the vital skills and insights needed to stand out and secure their dream role.

InterviewGPT goes a step further by providing curated job recommendations, aligned with a candidate’s skill set, experience, and career goals. This feature paves the way for a more focused approach to job hunting, enabling candidates to identify undiscovered job opportunities that are relevant to them and connect with these potential employers. With the introduction of InterviewGPT, in conjunction with its existing certification tools and industry Guru-led Bootcamps, saasguru is creating a super-app that enables the entire journey from career discovery to skilling to certification, interviews, and job outcomes.


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