Sahyadri Hospitals Performs First-ever Suction Catheter Procedure in India

Sahyadri Hospitals
Sahyadri Hospitals

Revolutionizing Coronary Thrombus Removal

PUNE:  Sahyadri Hospitals, the largest chain of hospitals in Maharashtra, recently performed the first documented case in India using the suction catheter to remove a clot from a blocked coronary artery. This procedure is a significant advancement in heart disease treatment as this device was used for the very first time to remove the arterial blockage. This procedure was performed recently on a 62-year-old patient from Pune. The patient was discharged on the third day after the procedure was carried out and has now fully recovered.  

The patient had come to the hospital with severe chest pain and excessive sweating. Tests confirmed that he had a heart attack caused by a blocked artery with a blood clot. Dr. Abhijeet Palshikar Director, Cardiology Sahyadri Super Speciality Hospital, Deccan Gymkhana and our expert medical team used the suction catheter to perform a procedure called mechanical thrombectomy.

During the procedure, the catheter was carefully guided to the blocked area of the artery, and a special vacuum pump suctioned out the clot. This resulted in a significant improvement in blood flow through the heart muscle, as indicated by the myocardial blush grade (MBG). This innovative system, combined with the suction engine, effectively and continuously removed the clot from the heart’s blood vessels, improving blood flow and reducing the risk of further complications. The entire procedure, from inserting the catheter to removing the clot, took only 10 minutes. The patient also received medication to prevent further clotting and optimize treatment results.

After the procedure, the patient experienced relief from chest pain, and tests showed that blood flow to the heart was restored. The patient’s heart function improved, leading to a faster recovery and a reduced risk of complications. The patient was monitored in the intensive care unit for 24 hours without any issues. No further invasive procedures are planned, but the patient will continue to receive follow-up care and medication.

Talking about this unique procedure Dr. Abhijeet Palshikar Director, of Cardiology Sahyadri Super Speciality Hospital, Deccan Gymkhana said, “The use of the suction catheter in this case is a significant achievement in heart disease treatment. The ability to remove clots using mechanical aspiration provides a safe and effective solution, especially in cases with a high clot burden.”

He further mentioned, “Suction catheter was used for the first time in India to treat coronary embolism. Previously, this device has been successfully used to treat pulmonary embolism, peripheral embolism, and cerebral embolism. However, the suction catheter is specifically designed for delicate coronary arteries, being soft, flexible, and having enhanced suction capability. It is approved by the FDA and allows patients to avoid the use of metallic stents throughout their lifetime.

In elderly patients, heart attacks often occur due to the gradual build-up of cholesterol and the progressive blockage of arteries, typically accompanied by symptoms like chest pain and breathlessness. However, in young patients, heart attacks are caused by blood clot formation inside a previously healthy artery. This happens when a crack forms in the artery wall, exposing the inner material and attracting blood to it. Within a short time, a clot forms and completely blocks the artery, resulting in a sudden heart attack.

The treatment approaches for these two types of heart attacks hence differ. In the case of a clot, once it is removed, a stent is not necessary. However, previous limitations prevented doctors from completely removing the clot. Traditionally, a syringe and catheter were used to suction the clot, but the pressure inside the syringe would gradually decrease. To overcome this limitation, the suction catheter, a mechanical thrombo-suction device with an attached pump, was introduced. This pump generates a constant negative pressure, preventing clot embolization and enabling complete clot removal in a short time. This eliminates the need for stents, benefiting the patient. This procedure also reduces blood loss, and the recovery process is faster as the clot removal is 100% effective, preventing any further movement of the clot and reducing complications.

With such advanced procedures, Sahyadri Hospitals is committed to delivering innovative and excellent patient care. This successful procedure demonstrates our dedication to advancing medical interventions and improving treatment outcomes for our patients.


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