Shri Raj Mahajan’s Ramcharit Manas Katha was postponed indefinitely after crossing the Khar-Dushan slaughter

Raj Mahajan
Raj Mahajan

Shri Raj Mahajan recites Ram Katha online every day with family, listeners get miraculous benefits. This Ram Katha has become the center of faith for thousands of people.

NEW DELHI: With the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, the wave of the ‘Ram Naam’ is going on all over the world, not only in India. Shri Ram Katha will be the destroyer of all sins in Kalyuga. All the saints and mahatmas talk about the importance of Ram Katha in Kalyug. And, Shri Raj Mahajan is flowing the Ganga of this divine Ram Katha online. Shri Raj Mahajan narrates this Ganga of Ramkatha online every day through his social media. Shri Raj Mahajan started reciting musical Ramcharitmanas on 22 February 2023 with the inspiration of Guru Rambhadracharya ji. This lesson is telecast every day at 9.15 pm on SRM’s social media.

Currently, it has been more than 230 days since Shri Raj Mahajan started reciting Ramcharit Manas and the recitation is continuing. Nowadays the Surpanakha (Aranya-Kaand) incident is going on. His children also sit with Shri Raj Mahajan for recitation. Daughter Soumya plays guitar in lessons and son Moksh plays keyboard (piano). Nowadays, due to unknown reasons, the telecast of Ramkatha has been stopped. Hopefully, the re-telecast of the story will start soon.

Many people from different parts of the world and country listen to this Ramcharitmanas Paath. You will be surprised to know that people themselves have commented on social media that this Ramkatha is bringing changes in their lives. Their addictions are going away, depression is ending, the problem of insomnia is going away, negativity is going away, peace is coming in life and business is starting to grow. Ram ji is giving immense blessings. The listeners themselves say that after listening to the story, they dance, cry, and laugh at home. Today this musical Ramcharitmanas recitation has become the center of faith of many thousands of people.

Raj Mahajan told the reason for this, “By the grace of Hanuman ji, everyone who listens to the story is getting some benefit, the reason for which is that whenever I recite, I feel the presence of Bajrang Bali. I recite the entire Chaupaiyaan of Ramcharit Manas.” “I recite. Due to which the listeners get the auspicious results of listening to the story.”

Shri Raj Mahajan, in his live Ramcharitmanas recitation, appeals to everyone to recite Ramcharitmanas. Many people have written in the comments that now they too have been inspired and have started reciting at their homes. In this way, the work of spreading Ramcharitmanas from house to house is also in progress.

This lesson is telecast daily at 9.15 pm on social media.


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