Sterling Generators Launches Innovative Retrofit Emission Control Device for a Greener Tomorrow

Sterling Generators
Sterling Generators

INDIA: Sterling Generators Private Limited (SGPL), a Sterling and Wilson Group Company and one of India’s leading genset players, has launched an innovative clean air solution, Retrofit Emission Control Device (RECD), in collaboration with Pi Green Innovations. The RECD is built on filter-less technology and based on Electrostatic Precipitation fundamentals. It captures Particulate Matter (PM) from the engine exhaust with more than 70 percent efficiency.

Mr. Sanjay Jadhav, CEO, of Sterling Generators Private Limited, said, “We are happy to collaborate with Pi Green Innovations for their RECD technology. This collaboration provides an excellent opportunity to expand and enhance the product offerings we offer to our customers. The newly launched RECD is highly efficient in improving air quality and provides a viable solution for our customers to meet the PM compliance requirement, as per pollution control board norms.

The RECD is installed after the DG exhaust (muffler/silencer), and no modifications to the engine/DG set are required. What sets this technology apart is its ability to transform the separated particulate matter/byproduct and reuse it as a high-value raw material in paints, dyes, and toners for laser printers and copiers as well as in a vulcanization process to treat rubber, thus eliminating the need for disposal and secondary contamination. The product is weatherproof and needs minimal maintenance with a simple, efficient, and sturdy construction that provides constant performance and long operational life.

Mr. Irfan Pathan, Founder & CEO, of Pi Green Innovations, said, “We are honored and proud to partner with a prestigious brand like Sterling Generators. This partnership not only gives a boost to the DG retrofit (RECD) industry in India but also adds impetus to Pi Green’s vision of A Pollution Free Tomorrow.

Sterling Generators Private Limited was set up in 2005 as a single-point DG power solution provider. It is one of the largest players in the auxiliary power segment in the 250 to 4000 KVA range. The manufacturing facility at Silvassa boasts of being Asia’s largest genset integrator and is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and BS OHSAS certified by Germanischer Lloyd Gmbh, Germany. Sterling gensets are widely used in Realty, Infrastructure, Telecom, Construction, Retail Outlets, Commercial complexes, Hotels, Hospitals, and Small and Medium enterprises.

Sterling Generators’ launch of the innovative Retrofit Emission Control Device (RECD) in collaboration with Pi Green Innovations is a significant step towards a greener tomorrow. The RECD’s ability to capture Particulate Matter (PM) from the engine exhaust with more than 70 percent efficiency and transform it into a high-value raw material is a game-changer in the industry. Sterling Generators’ commitment to finding cleaner, more efficient solutions for customers and the planet is commendable.


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