INDIA: Tanishq, India’s largest jewelry retail brand from the house of Tata, extends a heartfelt invitation to celebrate life’s little moments with the enchanting Festival of Diamonds. Breaking away from the wait for significant milestones, Tanishq welcomes you to embrace the magic now, adorned with the timeless allure of diamonds. The Festival of Diamonds displays an extensive range of diamond jewelry pieces, the perfect addition to your jewelry trousseau box. It is a celebration of precious moments and joy found every day, amplified by the sparkle of exquisite diamonds.

Discover countless little wins that deserve celebration, often overlooked in the hustle of life. Tanishq nudges you to cherish them and bookmark them for life. Explore a delightful array of curated diamond earrings, bracelets, neckwear, finger rings, and more await you. At this Festival of Diamonds, one can experience the delight of choosing from a unique yet wide range of assortment that is perfect for self-indulgence, birthdays, smaller milestones, and other special occasions. Explore the elegance of Tanishq’s delightful Diamond Treats starting from Rs. 15,000 only. Adding to the allure, Tanishq sweetens the deal with up to 20% off* on diamond jewelry value.


Furthermore, customers can exchange their old gold at 100%* current value for stunning new diamond jewelry, offering a unique and eco-friendly way to acquire trendy new pieces.

Tanishq believes that every small moment is deserving of celebration with a diamond. This extensive range comes with the trust and promise of Tanishq Diamonds offering avid diamond collectors an unmatched variety of unique, high-quality diamonds to choose from, providing stunning variety for discerning tastes. Step into the radiance and elegance of our studded collections, marking each piece as a testament to your unique journey. Celebrate with Tanishq, where diamonds illuminate the beauty of life’s grand story.

Rush to your nearest Tanishq store and indulge in this spectacular ‘Festival of Diamonds’ or you can choose to shop online from the comfort of your home at https://www.tanishq.co.in/festival-of-diamond


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