Tata Motors Authorised Dealerships Introduce EzServe Service Program in Pune

Tata Motors
Tata Motors Authorised Dealerships deploy EzServe Service

PUNE: Tata Motors authorized dealerships have deployed the EzServe program in Pune. EzServe is a two-wheeler-based service, designed to provide customers with a safe and convenient experience at their doorstep. EzServe offers numerous benefits, including basic service, quick repairs, and issue resolution at the customer’s preferred location. The dealerships – Garve Cars and Devaki Motors LLP – have deployed two EzServe bikes in Pune, offering home visits, minor running repairs, outstation check-up camps, breakdown attention, vehicle sanitization, and foam wash. This program has benefitted more than 2500 customers in the city since April 2023.

This innovative service aims to save customers time and effort fostering customer delight. The EzServe kit is meticulously designed, taking into account motor vehicle regulatory norms, variability, and manufacturing feasibility. Each EzServe unit is equipped with a comprehensive kit containing specific items required for service and repair jobs on vehicles the unit consists of three utility boxes mounted on the bike’s rear, made of Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP). These boxes are packed with spare parts, fresh lubes, other consumables, a vacuum cleaner, an eco-wash kit, a jack & jack stand, and various hand tools.

Tata Motors dealerships train their in-house technicians for EzServe. These technicians receive training from Diagnosis Expert Technicians (DET) to enhance their technical knowledge and from Customer Relations Managers (CRM) to improve their soft skills. The duration and content of the training course are determined based on the candidates’ skill matrix. An EzServe bike is operated by a Senior Technician and supported by a Senior Advisor (SA) and CRM.

To further enhance customer convenience, Tata Motors has digitized the process of registering repair orders at workshops. The workshops promptly respond to customer queries, provide cost estimates, and utilize the Service Connect App to relay real-time data to the concerned after-sales teams. The app offers contactless service support, allowing customers to avail of online services such as booking, vehicle pick-up requests, and repair estimates for scheduled and frequent jobs.

Once a service request is booked, the dealership contacts the customer to confirm the service and assigns a technician accordingly. The technician arrives at the location on the scheduled day, conducts a thorough check of the vehicle, and performs a test run with the customer to ensure all necessary services are identified. The technician adheres to all safety protocols while servicing the vehicle, ensuring that the bike is well-maintained and regularly inspected for engine oil, filters, tire pressures, brakes, mirrors, and lights.

After the service, if required, the vehicle is washed and wiped clean using a dry wash kit and then handed over to the customer. Seeking customer feedback is a vital aspect of the process, and a detailed feedback and satisfaction form is collected from each customer.

Tata Motors’ dedication to helping its channel partners maintain strong customer relationships and enhance factors like customer retention and brand awareness is evident through the expansion of its network reach and innovative initiatives like EzServe. By continuously striving to offer outstanding services, Tata Motors remains committed to delighting its customers and strengthening its market position.


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