The US 2022 Mid-Term Poll

Dr Sampat Shivanji

Tough battle for the HOUSE

By: Sampat Shivangi MD, National President, Indian American Forum for Political Education.

MISSISSIPPI: The Recent US National elections of this week brought surprising and unexpected results. It was assumed that Republicans will have a heyday and easily win both the houses, US Congress and Senate and President Trump will ride the wave and announce his candidacy for Presidency in 2024.

The US Congress will do have a slim majority for Republicans and capture the house but unsure of Senate as at least two seats one in Georgia and Nevada are still hanging and possibly Republicans still may control US Senate by January 2023.

President Biden is happy that there was not a Sunami of a win for republicans in spite of the 67% disapproval rate of President Biden due to high inflation, the Afghan fiasco, and not the least unpopular Ukraine involvement in fighting a proxy war.

President Biden’s saving grace was Roe vs Wade Supreme Court decision that made even staunch Republicans, especially the women who did not appreciate the Supreme Court ruling on this issue, decided to vote with democrats.

President Trump has already declared that he is going to announce his candidacy for the presidency in 2024 and if he can work out a deal with victorious and Popular governor Ron Desantis of Florida, who has his own Presidential ambitions, it will be an unbeatable team. It may be advantageous for India, as Trump and De Santis are friendlier and have promised to promote India on the world stage.
Time will tell.


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