TrustPid Collaboration with European Telecom Giants Proves Innovation Comes Out of Africa


LAGOS, NIGERIA: TrustPid, a privacy-led identification solution that promotes the use of mobile numbers as unique identifiers, has proven that innovation does come out of Africa. The groundbreaking collaboration is taking shape as four major European telecom giants are collaborating on an advertising ID system called TrustPid. This system supports the digital marketing activities of publishers and brands in light of third-party cookies’ imminent extinction.

The idea to launch a “Telco Ad Network” did not just happen. In 2015, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Terragon Limited, Africa’s leading data and marketing technology company, met with the European telecom giants to discuss the possibility of creating a privacy-led identification solution that would promote the use of mobile numbers as unique identifiers.

The collaboration has been a success, with 1,490 fintechs entering the Ecobank Fintech Challenge 2023, with eight reaching the final. TrustPid’s unique and robust cloud-based ecosystem currently boasts big global tech companies, including Microsoft and AWS, Telco partnerships like MTN and Orange, over 30 multinational enterprises, including Nigerian Breweries, Access Bank, UBA, and over 8,000 small and medium-sized businesses.

On data privacy, Balogon, the CEO of Terragon Limited, states “Our data is fully encrypted and anonymized to protect personally identifiable information. We adhere strictly to global and regional data privacy regulations, including the GDPR and the NDPR (in Nigeria). We have been ISO 27001 certified for 5 years running.

TrustPid’s success proves that innovation does come out of Africa, and the collaboration between African and European companies can lead to groundbreaking solutions that benefit the global community.


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